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Author Topic: To New Players - Important Info  (Read 979 times)
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New to VanillaGaming?

What to do when you login for the first time

    • There are two different realms to chose from in the realm selection list. Choose the one called VanillaGaming PVP
    When you enter the world of Azeroth there are a couple of things to know:

      • There is a worldwide chat channel called 'world'. Type /join world to join.
      • You can choose between two experience settings on VG - the original classic setting or a setting that multiplies all experience gained by 15. Type .setxprate 1 or .setxprate 15 to switch at any time. Make sure you type it in the 'Say'-channel (white channel color by default).
      • You can vote for VG and get nice rewards. Go to for more info.
      Have fun!
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