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Author Topic: New to server LF Guild  (Read 243 times)
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« on: November 10, 2018, 08:23:25 am »

Hello all,

I am new to the server and I am looking for a guild to raid with. About a year ago when BFA came up for pre order I bought it. And then had the pleasure of playing the beta Wink. About a few hours later even though my guild was on Mythic argus I saw what was in store for wow and immediately cancelled my subscription. Since then I have drifted from game to game not truly finding anything that can fill the void.

I found this server by complete accident and am looking for a home to help me remember the ways of vanilla wow that I have so longed for. I am extremely experienced raider which I am sure everyone on this server is. In vanilla I was part of a guild that broke on 4 Horsemen  Angry. But as for my experience in vanilla I cleared everything except for C'thun/4h/Shappiron/KT. In vanilla I raided for a short period with Critical Mass on stormrage before my previous guild broke up. Raided all tbc with Might on turalyon before being deployed. Since then It has been a whirlwind of different servers raid guilds and granted much progression even reaching as far as US first in wotlk with might from turaylon. But ultimately searching for something I had no idea how to find.

But all through that I have been empty missing the game I truly fell in love with. Since then I have grown so much being in the military then back to civilian life and eventually taking the plunge and getting married O.o. Which I never thought would happen.  So if you have gotten this far I thank you for you are prob the ones I have been missing. I am looking for a home to raid and play with not for the short term but for the long term if blizzard actually releases classic wow. And honestly the amount of time I am willing to put in on my toon on this server wont be stopped by classic on live blizz. I am looking to reconnect with the heart of what made this game great and hopefully a great many of you all on this server.

So in closing I am not looking for a short term commitment I am looking for a group of people that would be willing to accept a dumb American into their ranks to hopefully make them laugh and eventually regret their decision to recruit me in the first place.

P.S> sorry for the wall of text even though English is my first language I was never very good at this whole letter thing. Cheers to one and all see you in game.

Much Love,

Titicaca(Gnome mage)

PSSS I am willing to play whatever is needed Cheesy
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