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Author Topic: Race of death  (Read 3358 times)
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« on: October 02, 2017, 11:19:26 pm »

Might be hosting a sick ass new event. This event is ally only called the race of death. All players interested in joining will be waiting outside org with no gear and no cons. they will circle around the city until every player is dead, the last player alive will be granted the grand prize (2nd and 3rd place get nothin) which ill reveal at the end of the event. May be a rare tradeable epic (alcors, blade of hanna, etc). Might be a phat stack of cons for your class (mongoose, arcane pots, flasks etc). Might be a nice amount of gold (probably something equal to the other 2). Who knows. I knows fucboi. Was planning on making this event gnome only but Im not racist. except against orcs, fuck you orcs.
There are some rules which ill list
1: if you log your horde ganker and start sniping players, yo ass is toasted.
2: While you are able to use any ability you have, you aren't allowed to bring cons or flasks.
3: Flex like a baller, real ballsy brodys flex on the warchief before they leave.
4:If you put on any gear/use a con during the race or before, that ass is OUTIE
5: /yell spam is allowed but keep it so the gms aint snoopin.

The race will start This thursday at a time, idk when tho. Ill announce 30 mins before i start. So keep ya ass on vg.

Lick my dick cucktorx. Gms stand for Gay masturbators.
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