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Author Topic: Twinking Guide  (Read 1622 times)
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« on: September 10, 2017, 09:19:06 am »

This is a guide I originally made for Certus Excessum forum, but I figure it should serve well to any potential twink players on VG. The guide is written from Alliance perspective, I may be uploading a Horde counterpart eventually.

Step one: figure out which class you wish to roll.

As level 10-19 warsongs are practically nonexistent on VG atm, I would suggest it being either a dps or healer (not a designated tank flag carrier).
Also keep in mind one of the twink tournament event rules is no duplicate class, that means you should communicate which classes you are going to play with your potential teammates.
As for race choice, it basically goes from best to worse: gnome -> human -> elf -> dwarf. But of course opinions may vary and it is also a matter of preference.
I would advise creating your character on a blank game account, as you will need your level 60 characters to give you a boost in dungeons, mage port, lock summon etc.

Step two: write down which items you need to hunt for.

There are not many guides from vanilla times on this, but there are some from the later game expansions and you should be able to figure out which items there are for you with just a few changes (for example at I may be posting the lists I already made for myself later too.
Also I would suggest you farm the items for all possible specs for your class, not just the one you want to play - e.g. even if you know you wanna play a holy paladin, it may be worth spending a bit more time on farming the few extra items you need for dps/tank spec too. Since if you change your mind later when you are already at level 19, it may be problematic to go into more dungeons / complete further quests, proper XP management is necessary while twinking.

Step three: leveling up, exploring, gear farming.

You can level your twink up safely in your starting zone at 15x XP rates until at around level 12.
By that time you should use the command ".setxprate 1" and stay on 1x rates for most of the time till level 19. If you at some stage need to get to a higher level (when you have everything from lower level finished and need to access a higher level quest) you can temporarily switch back to ".setxprate 15". But I warn you, DO NOT complete any quests while at 15x rates when you are above level 12, the quests on VG provide weird XP values and it already happened to me I ruined my twink due to geting full 4 levels from a simple delivery quest.

Complete your classquest (paladin resurrection, warrior defensive stance etc.).

Go exploring. Some guides suggest you should basically be exploring all areas till level 30 in order to prevent geting further exploration XP when hiting level 19. But realistically at level 19 you will only spend your time between Ironforge and the southern part of STV. It might still be worth picking up some extra flight paths tho just in case.
You might want to get a rocket boots with minor speed enchant to make things easier.
This is the path I prefer to run: (parts listed in italic are the ones you can most likely just skip if you dont want to bother yourself with it)
In Eastern Kingdoms I run for the following flight paths: Ironforge, Loch Modan, Stormwind, Westfall, Redridge, Duskwood. I summon myself to Menethil Harbor and take boat to Theramore. I summon myself to Booty Bay and take the boat to Ratchet (you can leave this last one for when you need to go to WC, pun intended).
For Kalimdor I start off by taking a Darnassus portal, then go on by foot to take flightpaths in Darkshore and Ashenvale.

You shouldnt go much beyond level 14 while exploring. At level 14 you can start the questline The Defias Brotherhood in Westfall should you need the reward which is these two BiS items Chausses of Westfall or Tunic of Westfall. The end part of the chain brings you to Deadmines. At this point also farm all the drops you need from DM and pick up The Unsent Letter from Van Cleef´ s corpse - which you will get to later at level 16.

Next up head into Wailing Caverns. You need to at least kill the murloc boss for The Glowing Shard - reward being the only available green shoulder for level 19 twink. Then farm any other items you might need from there. If you play a rogue/hunter/druid, you should pick up the deviate scales and perfect deviate scales for your BiS Deviate Scale Belt. At last finish the glowing shard questline.
When farming dungeons, it might be wise to leave your alt behind and only run in range with him when you are about to kill the bosses you need. That way you both prevent unnecessary deaths and prevent yourself from geting too much XP from all the trash.

Now at level 16-17 is the time to go back to SW to do The Unsent Letter questline, finishing it will provide you wish an allstar twink ring. The part requiring you to kill Bazil Thredd in Stockade will be much easier for you if you just drag him all the way back to the entrance with your main and collect his head there. One of the final stages of the questline is broken tho, The Attack! will require the help of a kind GM to finish. While youre at it, you might also ask that GM to give you the quest In Search of Thaelrid, just make sure you are level 18 by that time, both shield and wand are BiS.

Last dungeon for you to do is Blackfathom Deeps. The boss drops are too high level, but the quest rewards from In Search of Thaelrid and also The Corruption Abroad (for the bracer) might come in handy.

Hunters will also need to do The Night Watch in Duskwood (starting at level 18) for Quiver of the Night Watch. Hunter class might be trickiest one on XP management as you also need to level up your pet.

Step four: proffessions skillup, grubashi madness.

A proper twink absolutely needs to have engineering and first aid.
You can go up to 225 skill with first aid (since Expert First Aid - Under Wraps doesnt have level requirement). At skill 225 you will be able to use Heavy Runecloth bandages that heal you for more than your lifetotal (you need someone else to craft them though).
Engineering skill of 150 will give you access to grenades, Minor Recombobulator and Green Tinted Goggles, also Goblin Jumper Cables if you are a gnome. Here is a  guide for easy skillup.

If you really wanna go hardcore - skillup fishing. During fishing event that takes place between 15-17st each sunday in STV you have a rather small chance to catch some rare fish that you then turn in for BiS items Lucky Fishing Hat, Nat Pagle's Extreme Anglin' Boots.

In order to get this insane trinket Arena Grand Master, you will need to be the first person to loot 12 chests that spawn in the middle of Grubashi arena at around 01/04/07/10/13/16/19/22:00 st. Dont worry, finishing this quest doesnt grant any XP. Also you can do this at lower level during any of the previous stages (since any wandering high level will kill you anyway).

Step five: crafting, enchanting and auctions.

To finish your twink, you will want to buy all the missing BoE items on the auction (I wouldnt recommend farming them unless they incidentally dropped for you while running through the instances before, since they are all droping randomly and on a very slim droprate).
Brew all the potions available to level 19 that provide a benefit to you, buy scrolls (low level scrolls can be purchased from vendors), craft grenades etc.
Last but not least, you will need to have your gear fully enchanted. Use all kinds of high level enchants, head and leg slots can be enchanted by another character with one of the elven arcanum from dire maul or from that grumpy bloodelf in burning steps.

Now you are ready to kick some ...!
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