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Author Topic: Twink Tournament Results  (Read 1417 times)
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« on: September 10, 2017, 06:11:45 am »

Tournament September 9th, 2017
Winner: Team Unique Bloodpet and Bloodpets (Nela and Bloodpet) - Bracket Link

Team #1: Billclawsby, Luckybubble
Team #2: Notsota and Mytwink
Team Unique: Bloodpet and Bloodpets

Team #4: Klawss and Siliboss

Tournament July 15th, 2017
3v3 Winner: Team Drtykelboss: Jinzerax, Drtyhunter and Siliboss (Kelseran, Drtyblumpkin and Silithusboss)
2v2 Winner: Team Opbubble (Strongforsiz and Seroquel)

Alliance 3v3
Team #1: Billclawsby, Optwink and Moneshot
Team #2: Notalda, Notachy and Notautho
Team #3: Stillsmokin, Luckybubble and Donbanker

Horde 3v3
Team Drtykelboss: Jinzerax, Drtyhunter and Siliboss

Alliance 2v2
Team #1: Notsota and Notatreyyo
Team #2: Notalda and Lemekiteu
Team Opbubble: Luckybubble, Optwink
Team #4: Bossgnome, Lowlevel
Team #5: Billclawsby, Moneyshot

Horde 2v2

Team #6: Drtyhunter and Siliboss
Team #7: Merdanteen, Freddyfaulig
Team #8: Rumpestumpe, Zindy

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« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2017, 09:23:27 am »

Thanks Smoqueed for organisation and also everyone who participated.
Was really fun, we should be doing this on regular basis.

For any potential competitors, I recently posted a twink guide here:

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