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Author Topic: All Shaman bugs  (Read 35659 times)
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« on: April 01, 2015, 03:52:30 pm »

*this is not a bug report; its for my dear fellow shamans to read and be able to track all of the ongoing shaman bug reports, and help me find and report more.
*id appreciate any tips of things i missed, along with links of stuff you report.
*ill start reporting the not reported shit eventually.

far sight - 50 yard range instead of 50000 Some Bugs
you cant mount + waterwalk (but can buff mounted ppl) not reported
weapon buffs dont wear off when zoning in different areas not reported
weapon buff durations are wrong (30/hour instead of 5 min) Temporary enchants duration is too long.
windfury weapon doesnt have an internal cd Shaman bugg report
chainheal doesnt stick to party members if cast on a party member not reported
chainheal shouldnt heal targets with full health not reported
altf4ing in battlegrounds resets ankh cd altf4ing in battlegrounds resets ankh cd
r1 searing totem has a bigger coefficient than the other ranks, which means that depending on your +dmg might be worth using more than max. not reported + not 100% sure if bug
disease cleansing totem doesnt instantly cleanse when dropped not reported
tremor totem doesnt instantly remove fear when dropped not reported
flametongue totem - not working at all Flametongue Totem doesn't work
sentry totem - not usable after the first 2 min - not usable if far away Some Bugs
windfury procs on your next attack Windfury totem is bugged
r2 searing totem doesnt work Searing Totem Rank 2
searing totem may attack your party members if (?) (under testing)
fire totems dont crit Fire totems
mana tide procs 3 times instead of 4 mana tide ticks only 3 times
totem range is 1-2 yrds too short not reported
air totem should spawn on the right side and water totem should spawn on the left side of a shaman not reported
charge consumes grounding totem not reported
totems spawn in walls and fall through terrain not reported
mana spring, manatide and healing stream generate threat not reported
earthbind totem removes stealth Earthbind totem + Rogue stealth
earthbind's first tick doesnt slow not reported
grounding doesnt absorb polymorph Grounding Totem
poison cleansing totem removes whole debuff instead of 1 stack at a time not reported
stoneclaw doesnt taunt hunter pets not reported
poison cleansing totem isnt affected by vile poisons(rogue talent) not reported

restoration talents
using nature swiftness while you're dying causes it to gray out not reported
healing focus r5 gives 100% chance to stop reduction instead of 70% Some Bugs
healing focus r4 gives 100% chance to stop reduction instead of 56% Some Bugs
purification should increase base healing instead of overall Healing talents havent tested this myself
enhancement talents
improved weapon totems isnt working Improved Weapon Totems
you can use 2h axe+ maces without the talent, if you learn it from a trainer Shaman Weapon Skills Shaman bugs so far Two heanded weapons and shamans Shaman enhancement talent 2h axes and maces
if you respec you completely lose your 2h skill (have to train + lvl) Two handed axes and maces (shaman talent) Going back to Enhancement sets my 2h axes back to skill (1)
stormstrike Shaman bugg report Stormstrike (shaman talent) Storm Strike
ancestral knowledge applies the % mana on overall mana and not on base Healing talents not 100% sure if bug
elemental talents
elemental focus procs off heals A slight bug with clearcasting

earthfury 8 set bonus bounces to targets with full health not reported
enamored water spirit not working Enamored Water Spirit
earthfury 8set bounces proc the 5set bonus giving you mana back
general's mail boots and blood guard's mail greaves ghostwolf buff doesnt work not reported

chainheal on totems can heal people in duels not reported
chainheal might land on alliance players if (?) (under testing)
if your totem is in combat it doesnt necessarily mean you are not reported
totems give shards to locks Totems Grant Soul Shards
healer bugs
ressing people sometimes flags you and sometimes doesnt not reported
healing ppl in combat sometimes flags you and sometimes doesnt not reported
releasing your spirit increases the rezzing distance  not reported
rezzing ignores los when target is released not reported
totems out of 50yrd range bug out and dont despawn (under testing)
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« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2015, 06:14:41 pm »

so pro
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2015, 11:02:02 pm »

More bugs and some corrections and additional information:

- Weapon buffs cannot be removed by right-clicking on them

* It is either Searing Totem rank 1 which has incorrect scaling with spell damage on gear or the other ranks - since they all scale with spellpower (except rank 2 which doesn't work at all), rank 1 either scales too much, or ranks 3-6 scale too little, or both
- Searing Totem may continue attacking after the duel ends; and sometimes it may kill its target if its bolt is still flying towards the target at the duel's end

* Even if you learn 2h maces and 2h axes at a weapon trainer, and don't take the 2h weapon enhancement talent, the skill still resets when you respec

* (Improved Weapon Totems is an enhancement talent, it's just wrongly listed in the thread, not in the game)

- There is a bug with Elemental Mastery (elemental tree talent) - when it is cast immediately after casting Lightning Bolt so that the Lightning Bolt is still flying towards its target, the effect (the buff) of the Elemental Mastery disappears when the Lightning Bolt lands on the target, and it has no impact on the Lightning Bolt, so it doesn't crit, and the Elemental Mastery is wasted (this bug is also mentioned in the "Some Bugs" post, that is linked two posts above)

- Elemental Weapons talent from the Enhancement talent tree is bugged, so as not to have any impact on Firebrand Weapon - it doesn't increase its damage at all (I have tested this); the talent even didn't show any considerable impact on Windfury Weapon, the damage numbers were maybe a little higher with the talent, than without it (though I don't know for sure if this for Windfury is bugged, more accurate tests are needed on this)

- Rockbiter Weapon is bugged, so as to give more attack power than it should, when I put the last rank of it (without Elemental Weapons talent), it gave me 99 more attack power than it was written in the tooltip, and with the Elemental Weapons talent it gives 119 more attack power than it is written in the tooltip updated by the talent

* Chain Heal can also jump to duelers to heal them when you heal anything around them, including players, yourself, pets, totems etc.

* Healing Stream Totem also generates threat, and it shouldn't generate, just like the two mana totems, as it can be seen from this link: https://github.com/FeenixServerProject/Archangel_2.4.3_Bugtracker/issues/1929 (this github report should be useful for addressing any other totem bugs present on the server too)

* The trinket Hand of Justice also doesn't add additional strikes when it procs from Stormstrike

- Frostbrand Weapon's proc chance is way too low, I had to clear half of Ragefire Chasm before it procced, according to vanilla-wow wikia it should have about 9 procs per minute after the 1.11 patch: http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Frostbrand_Weapon

- Flametongue Weapon shouldn't proc when you miss or when you are disarmed, or when the targets dodge, parry or block, and it does at the moment

- Shaman's proccing weapon enchants (Windfury, Flametongue, Frostbrand) trigger the spellcast character animation when they proc, and it shouldn't be so

- Flametongue Weapon doesn't scale with weapon speed at all, it always deals its maximum damage, so with fast weapons it can deal insanely high damage

- Windfury Weapon may kill its target in duel if it lands as the last hit and still has more additional strikes left after the target hits 1 hp
* Windfury Weapon's lack of its internal cooldown creates great inconsistencies in Enhancement shaman dps - sometimes it procs three times in a row, sometimes it doesn't proc for quite a long time

- All shaman's weapon buffs can proc when the wielder is disarmed

- Elemental Focus's clearcasting procs from Flametongue Weapon; this is probably also true for Frostbrand Weapon, but I couldn't get enough Frostbrand procs to prove it

- When a spell affected by Elemental Mastery kills the target, the Elemental Mastery stays on the shaman, and the next spell will be affected by it too; this can lead to an infinite loop if each spell casted by the shaman and affected by Elemental Mastery kills the target

* In addition to the normal Sentry Totem buff, when the totem is dropped there is another buff with a picture of some fat guy smiling called Bind Sight (PT) which lasts for 2 minutes, and when this buff disappears the totem stops working, but it's still there, and although the normal buff and the totem stay for 5 minutes, the shaman cannot switch between the totem's sight and his own anymore

* Flametongue Totem gives only one buff lasting several seconds in the beginning when it's dropped, and even that buff doesn't work
- When Flametongue Totem gives that one buff, it starts following the shaman around like a pet by moving very slowly

- Some totems which shouldn't attack, do attack once when they are attacked - for instance, here are some combat log entries: "Sentry Totem hits Flatland Cougar for 3. (crushing)", "Strength of Earth Totem V crits Flatland Cougar for 2."

- Elemental Devastation talent procs from Flametongue Weapon's crits; this is probably also true for Frostbrand Weapon's crits

* Far Sight sometimes works outside the 50 yard range (the area of mob sighting), and sometimes doesn't, and when it doesn't work it still works in the aspect that it shows the mobs of that area but from the perspective of the shaman - in other words, it switches to the targeted area for a moment and immediately switches back to the shaman's perspective, but the mobs of the targeted area can still be seen, and the mobs from the shaman's area cannot be seen anymore while it's still channeling; on the other hand, when you move away from the Sentry Totem, so as not to see it anymore, and right click its buff, which should take you to the totem's perspective, it just removes the buff, and the totem doesn't work anymore

If I find anything more, I may update this post.
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« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2015, 10:02:22 am »

You need to find retail content to verify ur claims...
I do agree to a majority of these issues but this wont bring any changes without proof.

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« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2015, 10:35:33 am »

hehe well, i have proof for most if not all  - as i say above it is not a bug report but a list of shaman bugs
reporting these... well it might be a while before i do that - anyone else is welcome to do it for me

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« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2015, 05:54:02 pm »

updating shit - tell me if ive missed something

« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2015, 07:15:03 pm »

Some of the bugs marked as not reported can be found in some of these newly-created bug reports:
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« Reply #7 on: November 24, 2015, 10:07:37 pm »

healer bugs
ressing people sometimes flags you and sometimes doesnt not reported

If you rez someone immediately after they get ganked, you will become flagged yourself. But waiting around 30 seconds seems to solve that problem.

However, I think if the person who got ganked didn't manage to use any hostile abilities against the ganker, then you can rez them instantly without becoming flagged.

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« Reply #8 on: June 22, 2016, 10:05:14 am »

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« Reply #9 on: June 24, 2016, 03:59:09 pm »

is it moved from bug report to shaman class discussion?
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