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Author Topic: Paladin - Useful PVP-Macros and Tips  (Read 9441 times)
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« on: March 30, 2016, 09:02:41 pm »

Some guys asked me for macros and some help in battlegrounds. Here you go:

Casting-Macro (working for all classes/spells) for ALT-Key-Selfcasts without losing target:
/script if ( IsAltKeyDown() ) then CastSpellByName('Holy Light', 1); end
/script CastSpellByName('Holy Light')

Divine Favor + Instant Cast (no global/delay):
/script CastSpellByName('Divine Favor')
/script SpellStopCasting();

Spellcast + Text with targets name:
/script CastSpellByName('Blessing of Protection')
/s Blessing of Protection on %t

Using trinkets in macros/on binds:
/script UseInventoryItem(13)

/script TargetNearestEnemy()

Macros which work with the addon "Super Macro":

Bubble off (Flagdrop&Retake):
/unbuff Divine Shield
/unbuff Blessing of Protection

/unbuff #mountname#

Important addons:

- Itemrack (switching gear by macros, switching boots, switching helmets)
- trinketmenu (^trinkets)
- Grid (Health of friendly player in range)
- Decursive (Dispellable debuffs of friendly player in range)

Holy-Paladin tipps for PVPing:
- Using Blessing of Sacrifice to avoid being CC'd (if you sense rogues/mages/succus around)
- Using Blessing of Freedom on your melees when mages are around
- Precasting heals if your target getting attacked (rogue opened, mage casting fireballs, etc.)
- Using Flash of Light Rank1 when OOM or after combat to save up mana
- Using Consecration Rank1 if you feel rogues around

Cool items:
- Engi.-Helmets: Goblin Rocket Helmet (15sec stun), Gnomisch Mind Control Cap (15sec MC)
- 3x Speedboots (they DON'T share cooldowns): Goblin Rocket Boots (5min), Gnomisch Rocket Boots (30min), Swift Boots (made by leatherworkers, 60min)
- Stygian Buckler (slows melees down)
- 2x Freezing Band (nice proccs, can save your ass)
- 3x Reflector-Trinkets: Shadow, Fire, Frost
- Trinkets: The Burrower's Shell (900 Absorb, 2min CD, not dispellable), Scroll of Blinding Light (-30% Casttime, 3min CD),
  Gnomish Cloaking Device (10sec stealth, 60min CD), Nifty Stopwatch (40% runspeed, 30min CD, Questreward)
- Night Dragon's Breath (farmable in Fel Wood. Spawn is bugged, you can loot up your bags)
- World Enlarger + Noggenfogger (makes you very, very small for flagging)

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« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2016, 12:36:31 am »

Whats the addon you have that looks like trinket menu but for boots/helm, cause i need that

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« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2016, 10:58:52 am »

Whats the addon you have that looks like trinket menu but for boots/helm, cause i need that

I think you can do that with ItemRack, I dont remember what you need to do, something in Settings or by draging an item slot into your screen.
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