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« on: October 29, 2014, 07:09:30 am »


Hello People of vanillagaming, I've been playing here and on several other private realms for a while. I also did play vanilla on retail, and to me its the retail feel i miss here and im about to share with you my views on how to encourage more people to join this server but lastly to encourage people to actualy go do somthing beside camping main towns and running only outside when they need to do an instance.

World action on this server is very weak you  rarly see people actually farmnig. Back in vanilla retail farming or hardcore grinding was one of the easiest ways to score quick gold, however on this server its diffrent. Because you no longer have to farm either you get herbalism where u travel a huge area farming wich doesn't work well for world pvp or you just sit in IF waiting to vote. the amount of players who actualy grind to farm is so small that they usualy get the entire grinding area for themself, you know why? there is easier ways to get gold unless your in a hurry and even then you better of doing an instance.

Reasoning and arguments:
I would first off look at why we have so little action in the outside "world" of warcraft, main reason is that they have increased the droprate on greens alot in instances so its a easy way for gold, however tyrs hand mobs drop rate is equal to vanilla wow rates, meaning that its not worth the time and effort, because infact its not an easy farm to do tyrs hand and people farming it should get a slightly better reward. If not they will never farm there and the zone turns dead.

The same goes for winterspring elites in the south or winterfall fire water farm or hearths glenn in wpl. There are several places that used to be one of the best places to farm retail vanilla is simply dead. And thats for one reason only its not worth the farm because they have implemented easier  was to get gold. Its not wrong though cus vanilla was a fucking pain in the ass. However you could boost these places a tad and make them worth it to get more activity in the world. Not all of them obviously but 2-3 places spread across like one in epl one in wintersping and 1 in silithus because this way we could once again have a active world. But for this to work you'd have to remove gold reward on voting, the gold reward on voting totaly ruins the world activity on this realm, and you would have to look on both sides.  both the ppl who enjoy world pvp and the people who enjoy to farm and do raids and not get ganked, so you could not just give 1 place a good part to farm, you would have to make a few so that if some one got camped at one site they could just leave and go to the other sites, and you would have to make these places well known so people would know that they could farm there and get quite alot of gold. Also make it so that there is places wich is hard to farm but if u group up with 1-2 additional friends its not that hard but still worth it. And thats where winterspring elites are perfect, they are very hard solo but decent enugh to duo, but their drops is very bad compared to many easy solo places.

The first thing i did when i hit lvl 60 was to check out all the old school farming places, since i knew of them all. ungoro crater living essence silithus essence of air winterspring winterfall fire water and elites in the bottom wich drops the eye of shadow for priest quest. But litteraly all you get is a few felcloth aswell as a few drops, but the farm is not worth it, compared to many easier ways, you also have the blue dragon elites in the cave in wintersrping wich also used to be a great farming place in vanilla but on this server is not worth it for a second, it droped the mature dragon sinew for hunter quest there aswell but youd have to farm just as long as on retail, and seemingly that if u dont make it all hardcore you cant make some easier then others, you will just end up with alot of players not doing it becouse its just not worth the effort compared to other aspects of this server.

I would love to see the world of this server more active and I know for a fact that the server would benefit from it aswell, it would help new comers to have more fun, farming with friends outside of raid not just solo herbing or what ever kind of solo farming they choose to do. Give room for more world pvp since 50% of the player base if not more enjoy this aspect of the world alot. I have run trought pretty mutch every place that was worth farming in vanilla by now, and i have to say the only few places that was worth farming still isnt because you need to farm hardcore for it to be worth the time spent, there is a very low percent of the playerbase who can actualy do this and still have time for other aspects of the game.

My ideas on how to make it a more active world.

As i already mentioned is that effort/reward goes hand in hand, people will always look at effort spent and reward gotten, if you dont balance this out more there will be keep being no activty in the world zones, however if you just made tweaks to the loot table i would be worth it. For example: Tyrs hand. currently you get about 5-12 silver per mob wich is quite low in itself you would have to kill 10 mobs to obtain 1 gold if not more, secondly their loot table is poor you would get 3-5 greens after 20-30 mobs and maybe 1-3 lockboxes, a good amount of runecloth that does sell but slowly, so for an hour in tyrs would earn you about 50-60 gold tops and thats if you disenchant your greens and sell the mats on the ah, wich is time consuming. There you have a huge waste of time and no one in their right mind would farm there right? Because when you can earn 400g/hour herbing felwood who the fuck would spent 1 hour farming 60g with 10 of them spent on repairs and you would just profit about 50 gold.

But its so easy to make tyrs hand popular, however you would like to avoid inflation, ex if they drop too many green items the ah would be flooded and enchanting mats would be worthless, however if you tuned the greens drop slightly but also tuned the silver loot from 2-12 silver to 40-60 silver you suddenly got 1 gold for ever 2 mobs, in my eyes this is still not alot compeared to the other places where you can farm shitloads of gold in no time just by herbing, and since voting already give out way to much gold the gold isnt balanced after all atm. and tyrs hand is just an example and if you did the same to elites in southern winterspring, tuned the green and felclotg drop rate up abit, in addition to a nice chunk of silver from each mob making it worth going 2-3 friends farming there it would help alot to the world activity.

When it comes to scaling things up there is always alot to consider like what will it do to the server economy etc. But its simple if you then make these places known so alot of players will choose to farm there the boost iself stabilazes itself since there will be competion for mobs, and there will be the availability to actualy get some world pvp going on. we all hate gettting stunned by a rouge while fighting an elite mob in tyrs hand, but if the reward from the elite your farming is worth it you will not mind the occational gank and the times u get caught off guard and someone choose to gank you, there will be alot of other areas that is good to farm. buff these areas make them worth farming and let everyone know they excist if you start with 2-3 areas for farming at first and increas the number of places if the server population increase or decrease the number of places if the server population is low, but in the end make it worth it for people to actualy grind mobs outside of instances make it a living server once more like vanilla was.

I am not saying my numbers are exact but they are a mirror of how it is and how most people feel. And in the end do the math and buff for example tyrs hand as it was the most infamous farming place back in the day and most of us vanilla players have found memorys from there. Try balancing out greens drop rates in tyrs hand. Rather the amount you get from instances to balance out the amount of greens in the game so that the ah never gets flooded with enchanting materials.  but in the end make it worth farming places tyrs hand winterspring elites(blue dragons demons)  beaouse these are not easy farming places but if u make it worth it, it will be the most epic places ever to be at. Reason i mention winterspring and epl mainly, is because both places are equally easy for horde/alliance to arrive at azhara on the other hand was dead on retail and will be dead today

you may ask why would we want this? if you want pvp go wsg!

Well its simple most people i ever met in wow and befriended during my vanilla days and till todays date was doing something in the world, you find people to grind with or help you with gankers etc friendships are established and people get a better community feeling than just spamming trade/world or doing instances with the same guys u did last night or raiding with your guild. you will most often then not meet new players from both factions to hate or love.
just in general having an active world gives players more unpredictable challenges to face, wich for many is fun and encouraging.

I could go on about this for hours and I will later, but for now this is it.
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I made a huge chunk of grammar errors, but I have no intentions to fix them as you undersyand what am saying its 6 in the morning and i realy didt want to spend my time making this threard as id rather slack of like everyone else