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Author Topic: Holy paladin - a spreadsheet  (Read 10866 times)
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« on: October 18, 2014, 12:48:22 am »

Howdy folks, I'm the one they call Yellowhammer.

I've been playing here as a holy paladin for a few months now, and my interest in the class and spec has motivated me into learning the numbers behind the scenes. The purpose of this was to find out what 1% spell crit really ment for increased healing and mana conservation, or how much healing power and mana regen it is worth. For instance I've heard that 1% crit is equal to ~25 healing power. I've found this to be bullshit. Smiley Through a bunch of googling and looking over old versions of various websites I have found the core numbers required for calculating all you wanted to know about holy paladin stats, heals and equipment.

Using the numbers I've acquired I've made an excel spreadsheet where you can enter your current equipment and see advanced data about your healing abilities. You can also enable buffs and consumables to see the effect these will have on your healing abilities. This is useful for inspecting your abilities in a raid-like environment. A good use for this spreadsheet is to compare different pieces of equipment to see what pieces you would like to upgrade first and get an idea of how much of an upgrade an item actually is.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded from my dropbox:

Spreadsheet How-To:
  • The spreadsheet should be pretty straight-forward to use. An example image of it can be found here:
  • Simply change pieces of equipment by selecting them from the combobox in each slot. I've added most pre-raid and raid holy paladin relevant items, but if you want to add something of your own you can easily do that by finding the equipment list in the "Equipment" tab and append your piece of equipment at the end of the list.
  • Enable and disable buffs and consumables by toggling the various checkboxes

"What numbers should I look at for comparing gear?"
When it comes to selecting healer gear there are two options: Mana preservation or more powerful heals. There is no way to objectively say that one is better than the other, it depends entirely on your current gear, how willing you are to spend mana pots and the duration of your typical boss fight. I'd look at the columns "Heal/1sec" and "Outgoing mp5" where the first directly represents how powerful your heals are while the latter represents how much mana you will be using while casting the spell. Since holy paladins mostly use Flash of Light(Rank 6), this is the spell you should use when comparing equipment.

"Can I trust these numbers?"
Almost. For simplification purposes, some equipment and cons (major mana pot) that are used continuously throughout a fight I've added the average stats. For instance, major mana pot can grant you 1350 to 2250 mana every 2 minutes resulting in an average mp5 value of 75. Of course the actual values in a real raid will vary greatly because of overhealing, spell cast delays, the randomness of healing values and critical strike frequency and such.

Note: The column "Spam dur." tells for how many seconds you could spam cast the ability before going OOM. This does in no way represent the actual duration you can heal for in an actual raid. Normally in a raid you won't spam cast for the entire duration of the fight, and even if you did there would be delay between spell casts (due to internet latency) that would cause you to not consume as much mana as the calculation says.

Another note: Spirit is not included in the spreadsheet because it is nearly useless for paladins. Because of the 5-second rule, that spirit regen is deactivated for 5 seconds after casting a spell, we will gain virtually no mana from spirit during a boss fight.

Enjoy, and don't hessitate to ask about anything related to the spreadsheet. If you feel like some of the numbers or calculations used are incorrect I'd love feedback on it. Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2014, 02:22:20 am »

keeping my fingers crossed paladins now understands that 1 crit = 9-14 ish healing (depending on gear).  And that they got enough + healing (over 1050 ish + BoL on the target) before they replace Vael's shield with on Glut's. Same goes for most of the T3 items.   


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