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Author Topic: Hit vs Crit, you want 17 hit right?  (Read 34404 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 10, 2015, 11:08:01 am »

After 8%...

If this is in reference to warriors... there is no debate. Crit is your most valuable stat.

-30% increased attack speed
-120% + yellow damage

Lets break it down and pretend to do an encounter while only using white hits. A white crit will generate 30% more attacks over the course of a fight then a white hit does. So lets take two scenarios:

1 miss + 1 crit
1 hit + 1 hit

The miss and crit will do the same damage as the two hits, but it will also generate flurry (and deep wounds). Flurry effectively generates 30% more attacks for the purpose of this example. This means that a crit is 1.3 times more effective then two hits. (keep in mind that this example only mentions white attacks, yellow crits increase this benefit even further).

120% critical damage on your abilities is gnarly. during many encounters you will see warriors in or near the top of a damage meter throughout the fight but once the boss becomes sub 20% simply just blast to the top of the meter. Execute critical strikes will put you there.

If you ever choose hit over crit in a slot the item should have some very significant other stats. Only a few items really come to mind... DFT?

As our gear increases the benefit each type of stat gives to the other increases as well, but crit effectively always remains the most beneficial stat until the crit cap. However, with consumable stacking within reason now it should be very difficult to reach any crit cap. Assuming such a thing even exists on VG? A lot of the obvious warrior best in slot items also have hit on them, making very few difficult decisions.

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