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1  Off-Topic / Anything Goes / Re: Really Oldfags of VG (circa 2009-2011) on: September 12, 2020, 03:27:02 am
Eyyy is this server still alive?
2  Staff / GM / Dev Applications / Druidmax's GM application on: February 23, 2011, 11:41:23 pm
Q1. What is your main character's in-game name?
Q2. What is your real name?
Q3. Where in the world are you located?
Q4. What time zone are you located in?
Q5. How old are you?
18 in sep 12
Q6. Have you played Retail and if so, for how long?
Yes. I played about 4 months.
Q7. What times exactly can you GM? (Be specific please : Days/Times etc)
From 3am-7pm. almost everyday of the week.
Q8. How much time each day do you spend on WoW, on the forums or in-game?
On WoW, a few hours (3-4) on forums, not much. I visit to vote occasionally.
Q9. Have you had previous experience as a Game Master? And if so, on what server, and function?
I have never GM'd for any game by Blizzard.
Q10. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 18 in sep 12. I loove computers. I love WoW i love more than anything and im and all around loving guy.
Q11. Explain why you think you would be a good GM.
I think i would be a good GM because im willing to help people.
Q12. What interests you most about the GM position?
Helping people out. I know it sounds corny but, its true. Being a GM is all about helping people because its a way of letting people know HEY IM A GM! I CAN HELP YOU! AND ILL BE FRIENDLY! ILL EVEN GET TOGETHER WITH FRIENDLY GMS AND HOST AN EVENT FROM TIME TO TIME! I LOVE WOW!
Q13. What positive additions could you (or do you already) make to the server/Community?
I have made a positive impact on the server. I have started my own guild and recruited many people of all levels and classes to help them level, raid,  and just be social with them.
Q14. We require all GM's to act professional at all times, this includes proper spelling and grammar.[We will not accept you if you have a lack of proper spelling and grammar]
Not a problem. If I am elected to become a GM ( i hope i do ) I will use proper spelling and grammar at all times. I promise.
Q15. If you were going to submit a suggestion for us, what would it be?
More mailboxes please. And maybe a guild bank? I know this is extremely hard to add to the core of the server, but players could download an update if needed? I mean, the server was recently updated for AQ.
Q16. Events can get out of control, how would you pull a situation under control if it went bad?
Other GM's usually say they will ban the player temporarily if they are disobeying rules or behaving improperly. I agree with this, as when people get summoned to an event, they sometimes move, pvp, or /yell as GM's direct them NOT TO. In my opinion, a ban OR a port to their home would be the best bet.
Q17. What do you think is the most important thing a GM can do?
Direct proper gameplay to users in the game. Next to that would be assist with bugs, harrasment, etc.
Q18. Do you know WHAT a gm does? Please explain.
Basically they help players in all shapes or forms. They host events and moderate ingame play.
Q19a. What will you do if a Player asked you for help?
It would depend on the type of help he needed. I would help him to the best of my ability with whatever problem he had and fix the problem myself if so needed.
Q19b. And when you don't have time to help him?
Direct the user to the Submit Ticket tool. That way if I couldnt help him, a different GM could.
Q20. What can you do to help the server grow?
Make a website about them and promote Vanilla Gaming on Facebook.

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