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1  Support / General Support / Re: Purchased Donation Points Did Not all arrive on: Today at 04:43:02 am
Please send PM to zeard regarding donation issues
2  Community / Events / Re: The Aztec event on: February 03, 2019, 04:59:56 pm
so what happened so far with the event
The event died. I saw 0 azt online the last 24 prior to the event so just killed it.
Edit. The only 4 people I saw during the whole event stopped at 40ish last time I saw them

well yeah gotta admit the event was pretty hardcore so that wasnt too unexpected. But ye still sad it didnt roll through; funny idea
3  Community / Events / Re: The Aztec event on: February 02, 2019, 11:21:33 pm
so what happened so far with the event
4  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Big Thanks to community for AV last night on: February 02, 2019, 12:41:45 am
So multiboxing in AV is ok, if you just do pve stuff?

Can we have confirmation on this?

No, it's forbidden to multibox/multi-queue AV.

But what if you have 80 chars and do 40vs40 for the sake of farming reputation? Which rules are we breaking? Is it really PvP if all you do is kill the enemy leader? What really is a PvP situation and what is honor farming(is spamming bgs honor farming??). Your rules are very vague it.

The rules are not vague at all they are very clear. You are not allowed to multibox in PvP because A. It can be abused to have afk or dummy chars and grant the opposite side easy win B. It would be completely unfair if a multiboxer with 80 chars would farm AV honor without actual pvp. PvP ranks and honor are ment to be achieved in player versus player combat and that is what majority of players do. These things are rather self explanatory so i really dont understand your comment "vague"
5  Staff / GM / Dev Applications / Re: interested in helping as a dev on: January 30, 2019, 05:39:49 pm
sent you pm
6  General Category / Announcements / Re: Status of core change and tester recruitment on: January 28, 2019, 01:50:04 am
Lol@ asking why people don't believe y'all.

Id still bet money legacy servers drop before core change, even still, pretty sure staff/testers have already admitted core won't fix everything. So it is still a bandaid on a gunshot wound.

TL;DR there is a reason the server doesn't believe staff about anything related to new core, I send my regards and hope for the best.

In previous announcements ive just vaguely said work is being done with the new core and given estimates for release, afterwards which the usual scenario was that Z became unavailable due to RL projects.

This time i am giving factual information on what he has done the passing month and i have absolutely no reason nor have i ever lied to the vG community. If a deadline fails despite positive outlook expecting it to be met , that is not outright lying.

Anyways, the core change is closer than you think and it will come alot sooner than you think. Ask the testing staff. I permit them to reveal that the core is in so good state that it is indeed coming very soon if you dont believe me. Rest of the details will be announced later.
7  Support / Cheaters & Bans / Re: Ban appeal on: January 28, 2019, 12:46:40 am

In the vid; he doesnt have any buffs on and runs constantly faster in stealth than a person running without stealth.

Clearly speedhacking. Perma ban from server as rules state; non appealable.

Ill see if i can upload the video on a non gm privacy compromising youtube account and post it here.

8  Support / Cheaters & Bans / Re: Request to finalize unban on: January 28, 2019, 12:40:30 am
9  General Category / Announcements / Re: Status of core change and tester recruitment on: January 23, 2019, 06:28:48 pm
If you guys "Vg statf" stop with the fake announcements that are going for about 2 years now people might be alot more motivated to volunteer... We are tried of your lies
I'm sorry if in not being very positive, but i like to speak the truth obviously different of what we see on the forum as official announcemens for the past 2 years...

? Thats a real status report of what z just did within the last month. Why would you not believe ? Post an app and go check yourself
10  General Category / Announcements / Status of core change and tester recruitment on: January 23, 2019, 12:50:54 am
Hello Vanillagaming community , i am happy to give an update on the progress of core change.

Zeard has just finished rough port of Naxxramas ; and we have started testing to fine tune it before public testing. Our testing team is small and the core change is something we intend to finish before classic release, so we are loosening up tester recruitment to speed up the process to meet the deadline. If you are interested in helping out, post an application!

Zeard has also recently finished converter for our character database ; so after the internal testing phase, we will enter public testing phase of Naxx and the character db port. That means you will be able to play with your live chars!

Thank you for your patience and support. I can be reached in Vanillagaming discord for more questions.

Sins and the staff
11  Support / Cheaters & Bans / Re: Stolen Guild Bank on: January 13, 2019, 06:44:17 pm
Vlako; day after the Temp ban for investigation of issue to avoid damage to items and effort of an ingame community (dv; a guild) i replied to your forum thread that you removed to instruct you to send a proper; clear and coherent report of what happened in good clear grammar on forums and also told you this in discord when we were talking. So you were contacted.

We have zero support for normal shared accounts; but as the red rule header says exceptions can apply for situations that cannot be treated by the technical rules only. This is a matter affecting many players hard work ; and blizzard would have reviewed such issue also in vanilla and potentialy helped.

I was still waiting for the report from you Vlako; but a GM acting out of line went ahead and unbanned the account before investigation i started was concluded.

I am pleased to hear you agreed to return it to DV guildmaster; and the guild really does not seem to think the same as you about chesses misconduct as they directly granted him access.

In future if similar thing happens in any guild : REPORT IT properly on forums. And the staff will take measures to ensure nothing is lost due to ill intentioned behaviour of certain inviduals. This behaviour was not just and had no purpose. The guild lead is to decide what happens with the bank; not a single person with access to it due to what he believes someone has done or what grudges he personally holds towards a person. The account was banned to avoid items being lost and it seems they were lost already ; and i am sorry DV for that because if i would have been left to solve the matter as supposed this would not have happened. This GM was disciplined after which he quit the staff himself, so such should not happen again.

If there is items missing and a proper proof can be found which is unlikely we can consider returning them.

12  General Category / Rules / Regulations / Re: Forum and Game Rules on: January 10, 2019, 01:09:48 am
specified rule on exceptions to written rules and punishments (red text) to include that all such decision will be passed through whole staff in team discussion and/or admins before taking action
13  Support / Cheaters & Bans / Re: Gazprom abusing MC to DC me from WSG on: January 07, 2019, 12:36:09 am
This usually only hapends when you "resist" the controlling as you can see Simplest warping abit back and forth,
and is sometimes moving back towards Gazprom even though he is clearly trying to move him towards ally tun.

Disconnects usually only happens when you try to "resist" the MC, or if you get cheat engine.

This mind control bug has been around since the dawn of VG, its nothing new.
so in short when you get mc'd let it move you where it wants to and  when you are released hope for cheat engine not to snag you.
14  Support / Cheaters & Bans / Re: Gazprom eating while running with flag in wsg on: January 07, 2019, 12:35:05 am
I think we need a response from a GM that isn't in Chaos with Gazprom, because there's a very, very obvious bias going on here

Edit ; Looked the vid thoroughly and its clear indeed , hes drinking when running. Didnt know there was such bug but a gm told me there indeed is. I will have a chat with our gm for who this was not enough even though it couldnt get more clearer. And this guy will get punished. Thanks for the report.

But ...

Please stop making further "bias" topics and replies with false and/or public claims or speculations. If you suspect a staff member is corrupt; follow the rules and send admins a pm for investigation. What you do is against the rules; and you know what will happen when you continue to do that.
15  Community / General Chat / Re: Selling almost full bis rogue on: December 25, 2018, 05:50:54 pm
The account and character has been identified; so as note to possible buyers ;

We are monitoring the activity on the account closely and if it gets sold; you have wasted your money for nothing as the account will be insta perma banned. So i discourage giving your money to the person who wants to sell it as you would lose all the money and just get the char banned directly. Thanks.
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