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31  Community / General Chat / Re: Extra Gamemasters on: March 10, 2018, 07:08:00 am
why, when we have game braking bugs that have been reported for years and not fixed, should "we" waste what limited manpower we have (like we have 3ish gms? and the only one i ever see answering my tickets is nela so we have basically 1 gm, who also raids,. he does have the hours in the day to deal with every little problem)  to do something that the user can do in a few keystrokes? /ignore "ramdomshitter". are you really implying that adding "JrGMs" to moderate chat is more important then fixing bugs? stop asking what your server can do for you and ask what you can do for your server.

now to attempt to pick this apart, as to why this is not simple task like you are making it out to be.
- Racism.- is the term "slav" racist? or just a means to identify some ones origin? ok now what about the word jew, or jap, paki?

- Sexism. something out of normal happens, say the nef adds spawn while in cromos room, and i way "that's gay" is this sexism? what if i said it was queer(proper use of the term)? ok so say you do something stupid and i say thats queer, using the word correctly, should we take your feelings into account because you just so happen to be gay? or go off the fact that im using the word queer in the correct way?

- Spam. at what point does the 8/20 LFM for zg with the ridiculous reserve list become spam? after an hour? after 2? and add to that, since we have a "guild recruitment" channel built into the game, at what point do you realize that your guild recruitment macros are all spam, and have a rightful place, not world chat?

these are all relative terms, and leave room for interpretation, on an online community as hugboxxy as this, having the wrong interpretation could be virtual suduku.

- Excessive use of capslock in the world chat is forbidden as it can be consider intentional and meaningless use of chat display space.
cant argue with that.

- Insulting Staff Members
same as above, AS LONG AS they are marked as so (IE: <GM> tagged) but do note, the OP that you started could be considered Insulting Staff Members, if they feel like getting insulted by what you said, once again i point out these "rules" leave alot of room for interpretation.

- Continuously and / or solely without other content insulting & harassing other players.
this too can be left for interpretation as well, how is any one really supposed to know if its harassment, or just banter if you yourself dont take some responsibility to make it stop. imo if you reply its banter, if its one sided, its harassment. if you are feeling harassed you should ignore and then file a ticket ASAP, not play along with it and bate people into saying more things, if you do this how harassed were you really?

-Speaking Foreign languages / race languages on world chat. World chat is a custom global chat feature on our server and so custom rules apply to it. English is the only language allowed to avoid flood with information accessible only by certain minority.
should go without saying, as an american as soon as i see one of you speaking something other then english in my mind you are talking shack about me, its not your fault, its just how meni of us are.
32  Community / General Chat / Re: Future of PvP Rules on: January 26, 2018, 10:00:29 pm

Examples of abuse:

-MCing people so they get speed hack dc

I mc people all day ... guess i must do something wrong.

theres a way you can MC someone and have them DC everytime... not talking about regular MC here
this happens to me all the time when i MC people, i dont know how i do it, but i always get the "teleport hack detected" message, and then people vanish, i always assumed they just alt-f4ed because they didnt want to deal with pvping.
33  Community / General Chat / on the topic of griefing. on: April 08, 2017, 10:43:13 am
how is griefing on a server with a population as low as 25 at times helping any thing?
chain reaction,
you kill afk people, they stop logging and being afk.
the noob that just joined the server goes to the city sees it empty, then leaves server.
we now lost a player, maybe more because LOL i gank you while afk xDDDDD.
and the process repeats, till you are only left with NPCs to kill.

im not asking people to stop, im just asking you to think about this as a whole, outside the box, shift your paradigm maybe.

34  Community / General Chat / Re: MORE PVP NEEDED on: February 06, 2017, 07:06:40 am
Cheaters not being banned when reported also falls on the GM's not the people asking for que rofl

when you turn a blind eye to it because it benefits you you are just as guilty as them, dont blame the gms as a cop out. my tag has "pk" in it for Christ sake, i came here to pvp, but it was just exploits, people /sitting to get crits, blinking up walls, etc that gets old. and all this coming from some who is banned for using exploits. i posted because some people, yourself included, dont see how much of a detriment this petty shit is to a server, and the bgs is the most obvious place you can see this having an effect right now. you should really get over yourself and grow up.

Yo, If they are cheating... Predict their cheatin ways and Kill them up the graveyard... Mount up and run up ramp... cut him off.... l2 PvP.... Adapt... With the gear everyone has.... It doesnt matter if people cheat u can still catch them somewhere and 3 shot them... Excuses... Excuses.... Get effin Better at PvP.... That only happens if you play it and Practice....
  this has to be one of the worst attitudes i have ever read about cheating, adapt to the cheater? play his game? this has to be lowkey bait.
35  Community / General Chat / Re: MORE PVP NEEDED on: February 06, 2017, 05:08:44 am
i have discussed this topic with many people, and he underlying reason most of them stopped queing is because of the use of petty exploits, (blinking up graveyard stuff like that) people just want to play WSG, not have to worry about people wanting to get an unfair advantage, then having to get the right kind of screenshots that show enough proof that a gm will ban the person. the sad part is so many of you see this and ignore it, you turn a blind eye when people you know use exploits, just look at the recent bans over that chest abuse, so many people were in on that and wanted to cry and blog in world chat about how they diddndu nuffins.  reap what you have sown. you want pvp to get better? you like pvp? start reporting the people then, if you know them tell them to stop that shit. look at it this way, say you just came to a server, you ding 60., get some blues, wanna pvp, and then you see some one cheasing something in a BG, and as soon as you say something about it the people on your own team say "lol stfu fgt, get good", do you think this user that wanted to pvp will want to any more after this? will this user even want to stay on the server?

TL:DR most of you are lacking sportsmanship, and thats why no one ques.

PS: please stop spammin WC when a BG ques, if we wanted to babysit some teenagers we would of already been qued.

36  Class Discussion / Hunter / Re: Epic hunter info! on: January 20, 2017, 06:24:28 pm

Son of Hakkar is not tamable on this server( so Lightning Breath R6 is unattainable, Giant Surf Glider in Tanaris does not know Shell Shield. as a matter of fact the Giant Surf Glider is no longer in the game at this point and has been replaced with normal surf gliders that know no skills, not even bite you should do a bit of research before posting next time.

I got this information in a World of Warcraft guide that was published during retail vanilla, so I have done my research. Write a bug report if you think VG has missing mobs.
it is not missing mobs, what im saying is your info is incorrect, i used the term "at this point", sorry let me spell what i was trying to put across by that statement because you cant seem to comprehend this, by 1.12 those mobs were replaced, and incase you didnt know this is not retail vanilla wow, and your "epic info" is just misinformation on the medium that we are all using. "I have done my research" yeah you have done your research on vanilla wow, not vg privet server, grats.
37  Community / General Chat / Re: secret guard conspiracy must be stopped plox on: January 14, 2017, 06:19:38 am
>claw on autocast
38  Class Discussion / Hunter / Re: Epic hunter info! on: January 11, 2017, 07:12:24 am
So I'm making this thread for all hunters that are used to playing TBC or WotLK or Cata.

See, hunter pets are a lot different in patch 1.12.1 than in higher patches. I'm sick of seeing bug reports that certain pet abilities are missing; all the pet abilities from 1.12.1 are on this server.

See, in this patch, all hunter pet abilities aer trainable from a pet in the wild. So, you start off without any pet abilities at all, and then as you tame more pets throughout Azeroth, you get more abilities, and higher ranks of these abilities.

All the hunter pet abilities that are trainable from beasts in the wild are:

Bite, Claw, Dive, Dash, Scorpid Poison, Prowl, Charge, Cower, Screech, Furious Howl, Lightning Breath, Thunder Stomp, and Shell Shield.

And then Resistances, Great stamina, Natural Armor and taunt are trainable from the Pet Trainers.

Now, what pets would you have to tame to get all these abilites in the max rank? I will show you.

Bite R8 and Furious Howl R8: Bloodaxe Worg (LBRS).
Claw R8 and Screech R8: Winterspring Screecher (Winterspring).
Dash R3: Frostsabers in Winterspring and Worgs in LBRS.
Dive R3: Owls in Winterspring and the Plaguebat in EPL.
Scorpid Poison R4: Scorpids in Burning Steppes and Silithus.
Prowl R3: Frostsaber Stalker (Winterspring).
Charge R6: Plagued Swine in EPL.   
Cower R6: Frostsaber Cub (Winterspring)
Lightning Breath R6: Son of Hakkar in Z'G
Thunderstomp R3: Un'Goro Thunderer or U'Cha (Un'Goro Crater)
Shell Shield R1 (only 1 rank): Almost any turtle in Azeroth, but I recommend taking the ones in eastern  Tanaris; Giant Surf Glider. (Because those are lvl 48-50, highest lvl in game)

Okay, that's it for all the hunter abilities. Good day, and have fun hunting! Wink           


Son of Hakkar is not tamable on this server( so Lightning Breath R6 is unattainable, Giant Surf Glider in Tanaris does not know Shell Shield. as a matter of fact the Giant Surf Glider is no longer in the game at this point and has been replaced with normal surf gliders that know no skills, not even bite you should do a bit of research before posting next time.
39  Class Discussion / Hunter / ISO: a threat meter that lists my pet on: December 18, 2016, 08:58:13 pm
having a problem finding a threat meter like this for 1.12.1, i know they have them for tbc, is this even a real thing, or am i just out of luck?
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