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1  Class Discussion / Paladin / Re: Noticing Ret Paladin Bugs on: July 10, 2016, 05:06:34 pm
Okay thanks, I'll go post about these on that forum
2  Class Discussion / Paladin / Re: Noticing Ret Paladin Bugs on: July 10, 2016, 04:35:27 pm
Should I post this in the Bugs & Glitches forum instead of Paladin? I just now found it.
3  Class Discussion / Paladin / Noticing Ret Paladin Bugs on: July 10, 2016, 04:02:12 am
Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new to the server. I used to play Ret Paladin on US-Kel'Thuzad in Vanilla/BC and then sporadically throughout and I'm really excited to start playing Vanilla again.... However, I'm noticing an awful lot of bugs with ret paladins on this server, and wanted to make a thread to sort of highlight issues that I've been noticing. I'll keep updating this as I notice more...

1) Sanctity Aura -  I don't think Sanctity Aura works with all Holy damage. I was doing a lot of testing of Seal of Command hits, and results were inconclusive because I noticed a negligible difference in holy damage on the proc when I had Sanctity Aura up. This is just for the proc, the judgement seems to be affected by Sanctity Aura just fine.

2) Vengeance - I've noticed that Vengeance doesn't proc on Seal of Command crits, which is VERY disturbing. I think this is a pretty huge issue that severely hurts Vengeance uptime.

3) Greater Blessing - Currently, you can cast Greater Blessing of Kings and Sanctuary even if you don't have the talents for Kings or Sanctuary in Protection... Which is pretty crazy. I know this is technically a good thing, but still probably shouldn't be the case.

4) Improved Judgement - This is supposed to reduce the cooldown of my Judgement by 2 seconds, but it isn't doing anything at all. Judgement still has a 10 second cooldown... (Update: I respecced and got Improved Judgement again, and it fixed itself. But when I initially got it while leveling up, it seemed to not do anything until I respecced it.)

I will keep updating as I remember/see more
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