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46  Community / Guild Recruitment / <Purple Haze> North American Alliance raiding guild on: April 25, 2016, 03:47:42 pm
Purple Haze will start progression with our first raid Wednesday 4/27/16 @ 7pm EST or 1AM server time. We are still recruiting. Current classes are

Balance Druid x1
Resto Druid x2
Hunter x2
Mage x2
Ret Pally x 1
Holy pally x2
Shadow Priest x1
Holy Priest x1
Warlock x2
Fury Warrior x2

If you are into being in a progression guild and playing like retail Vanilla was meant to be, we are the guild for you. We have been very helpful in getting everyone attuned for all Raids, we have also all been very helpful gearing. If this sounds like a guild you may feel comfortable in apply on our website apply online, after you apply send Dollarss an ingame whisper and we can discuss it further.
47  Community / General Chat / Re: note to gm's on: April 18, 2016, 05:53:57 am
Noone raiding? speak for yourselves.....We were on the 4HM and crashed numerous times. Many of us came back on to having items missing including flasks and consumables out of our inventories and not even being on our characters. I mean seriously there are times that are in between NA and EU times that these things could be fixed. We as players do appreciate the server and what you guys do for it, but we also dont like to waste our time or gold either. I lost literally 300g today in this raid just b/c of items disappearing during crashes.
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