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31  Community / Events / Re: Gnome Delivery Race Round 2 on: October 04, 2015, 11:43:04 pm
Ryl has made a cool video of the gnome race. Big thanks to him for making it.

32  Community / Events / Re: Gnome Delivery Race Round 2 on: October 03, 2015, 10:14:06 am
Remember in 8 hours there will be a bunch of gnome tearing up the snows of Dun Morogh heading off on an adventure to earn themselves some trade goods, gold and reputation...... and a little more gold.

Plenty of prizes up for grabs so make sure you get involved!
33  Community / Events / Gnome Delivery Race Round 2 on: September 29, 2015, 01:45:38 am

The Great Gnome Delivery Race.

What is a Delivery Gnome?
What kind of rewards do they receive?
How can I join the team?

Game type & delivery location will be announced on the day.

Both Horde and Alliance players can make a gnome delivery character and will be rewarded on a character they so choose.

What is a Delivery Gnome?
First of all let me tell you about the secret life of delivery gnomes.
Being a delivery gnome is no easy job. Itís competitive and often involves a lot of death. But the rewards are worth it.

Every now and then an urgent message needs to be delivered to a resident of a town through-out Azeroth. The first 5 freshly recruited Gnomes that make it to the delivery point are rewarded for the intense and exhausting journey they have undertaken.

Gnomes always work in large groups to increase survivability and are generally escorted with a high powered guardian that loves to fend off any invading horde forces. I wouldn't recommend attempting to PvP these gnomes.
Any players found attacking players can expect to be frozen until the competitors have passed by.

What kind of rewards do they receive?
The first 5 delivery gnomes that arrive at the finish line will receive both Gold & Reputation as well as a reward specific to that type of run. These rewards will be handed to the character of your choice on either faction.

Types of runs:
Tailoring Delivery - Reputation with a Major City from your faction + Gold + Mooncloth
Alchemy Delivery - Reputation with a Battleground from your faction + Gold + Arcanite Bars
Leather Delivery - Reputation with either Timbermaw / Shen'dralar / Darkmoon Faire + Gold + Cured Rugged Hide

Prizes will take 1 hour to arrive in the mail to the character of choice after the event.

How can I join the team?
Itís simple! Make a level 1 Gnome and leave it sitting at the starting area where you log in.
On a set date a Delivery run will be announced (eg. TAILORING RUN in 30 minutes!) and you log onto that gnome and Whisper a visible nearby Game Master who will invite you to the Delivery Raid Group.
Once you have joined the raid group you will be put to sleep in preparation of the long run ahead of you (and to prevent anyone gaining a level advantage).

Raid invites will close 2 minutes before the race begins, so make sure you are online and in raid.

Contract Rules.
 - If your Gnome is Level 2+ before the delivery run begins then you will be removed from the raid and forfeit your delivery rights.
 - If your Gnome gains resurrection sickness at any stage then they will be removed from the raid and forfeit your delivery rights. If you are found spirit running or rezzing from a graveyard you will be dropped from the raid.
 - If you leave the Delivery Raid Group you will forfeit your delivery rights.
 - No Rocket Boots are allowed.
 - No Enchants or consumables are allowed.


1st - Supernachoss
2nd - Ryl
3rd - Pocketheal
4th - Dorphius
5th - Bowmens
6th - Obscurio

Thanks for Participating. Look forward to seeing you all next time!
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