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1  Class Discussion / Paladin / Re: AoE Protection Paladin Tanking Guide on: December 05, 2015, 07:09:01 am
Great post Whataburger!

Another trinket that used to be popular with pally tanks is Linken's Boomerang. It's obviously not as good as Shard, however it is an easily obtainable quest reward and there are a lot of situations where body pulling is a terrible option, especially when you or your healer are in pre raid gear.

Also worth noting is that Vigilance Charm is not unique and is fairly easy to farm.
2  Community / General Chat / Re: Reason for not pugging everything? on: November 12, 2015, 09:42:20 am
Assasinkiler, you may have nominally been in charge of that pug because you were the raid leader. It succeeded because three Naxx geared tanks: Alda, Tumbleweed and Pnakotic (myself) came along and two healers Edsnowden and (?)Xyleena(?) did over 50% of the healing.

I came along because both Tumbleweed and Xeo are friends I've made while playing on VG. You did not know how to assign targets or how the fights worked, two of the essential parts of a successful pug. You handed out loot.

It was also not a genuine pug as you also called it a guild run for ACE and took some drops for the guild bank.

As far as pugging beyond MC, when Vanilla was live Vael was nicknamed "The Guildbreaker" because in that fight any member of your guild could wipe you and it became apparent if any member of the guild could not play their respective class.

Raiding beyond MC requires organisation in your run, not one but two of your guild members deliberately wiped the MC raid.

Most guilds when they are in the process of progression set priority on certain things, such as gearing a main tank and require people to use appropriate consumables. Things that just won't happen in pugs.

tldr: You did not pug MC, you had a partial guild run that was carried by people from other guilds, people who probably can't (and won't) carry you through BWL, AQ40 or Naxx.
3  Localized Forums / New Zealand / Re: Hi'ya all! on: April 04, 2015, 05:24:22 am
New Zealander checking in. oddly enough I just started a character last night. I've made a Warrior, pre BC I was a semi-serious raider I haven't done Naxx or the second Half of AQ40 but I main-tanked for a guild that farmed pretty much everything else.
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