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1  Community / General Chat / Re: Before I leap in, a few question if I may? on: January 24, 2015, 09:29:32 pm
LOL! I confess I'd completely forgotten that one - another memory to revisit! Cheesy
2  Community / General Chat / Re: Before I leap in, a few question if I may? on: January 24, 2015, 07:28:56 pm
Thanks for the helpful replies, folks - and for the compliment HelloZech! Smiley

Reckon I'll give it a whirl then, see how things go. It'd be fun if only to wander the paths of low-level land again and get reacquainted with the infamous liverless boars of Westfall  Grin
3  Community / General Chat / Before I leap in, a few question if I may? on: January 23, 2015, 10:04:48 pm
Very long time since I played WoW - I never even bought Burning Crusade, but I did stay around long enough for my warlock to get a Felguard. What was that, about v2.2? Seems a lifetime ago now...

But as we all know (and as I've seen from the 'Mordor' meme pic used on this forum) "One does not simply quit World of Warcraft..." Wink

Sooner or later we find ourselves adrift on a sea of fond memories, longing to revisit our old stomping grounds once more. But there's simply no way I want to have anything to do with the game in its current form (it's certainly not the same game I remember!), so the next thing I know, I find myself washing up on these vanilla-flavoured shores Smiley

So here are a few questions before I decide whether or not to call this appealing vanilla beach my new home...

1) I'm not much of a Torrenty person but I do still have my original v1 WoW CDs (UK version). If I patched them with the appropriate UK patches (1.12 then 1.12.1 I believe?) would that work the same as the Torrent version?

2) I was never keen on openworld PvP in WoW. I did actually start on a PvP server but got so tired of the perpetual ego-barging and childishness (Stranglethorn Vale, I'm looking at you...) that I abandoned those characters entirely and started over on PvE. I understand this server is PvP, but I also note it has incentives to speed up progress towards the endgame and also Battlegrounds. Does this mean I'm less likely here to find some sad high level griefer with nothing better to do than repeatedly attack poor, innocent, low level human warlocks just trying to complete their Felhound quest in the Barrens? Not that I still bear a grudge about that after ten years or anything of course... *ahem* Wink

In other words, does much openworld PvP go on as regards possibly interfering with questing, or do people generally leave each other alone below max level and outside of Battlegrounds?

3) One other thing is that I rather like the idea of levelling at x1 experience - at least to begin with, for old time's sake. The true vanilla experience as it were Cheesy
As I understand it, there's a mechanism here that allows faster xp/gold gain - is that like a toggle command, or once done can it not be undone?

Thanks in advance for answers to any of these questions Smiley
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