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1  Community / Guild Recruitment / Re: Looking for Guild Mostly for Socializing and 5-man Content on: November 01, 2018, 11:51:43 pm
I would like to share some mathematical philosophy, and my opinion, why I see raiding so hard, and why I'd say that it has an unsolvable challenge, it is a little bit off-topic, but it's not that far from the subject.
It's a theory, it's a philosophy, but the way I see, in 5 mans, it wasn't really possible to increase the dps, to make the challenge easier in this direction, simply a pre-raid bis dps, was the most the tank could tank, even a rogue that had deadly and instant poison up on both of the weapons, could end up too much sometimes. The way 5 mans could be made easier, was to prolong the fight, to have a healer that's using a flask of distilled wisdom, so he has more mana, so he can keep the tank alive for a 20-30% longer time, and the dps has time to take it down, and the challenge becomes easy.
Now, what I saw was that, on Ramstein the Gorger, the healer was basically casting all the time, well, not exactly all the time, because it can take a second or two until the tank loses his fully healed health, and it reaches again the 75% threshold, where you can cast the next healing spell, but that is the size of a healing spell, that threshold cannot be reduced. If a priest has a 2.5 second healing spell, and around 5000 mana, and he uses greater heal, which let's say costs 500 mana, then he would be able to heal continuously for 25 seconds, the Ramstein fight takes about 40-50 seconds, so basically we can say that he is casting all the time. The number of seconds doubles, because it takes 2 seconds for the boss to take out that healed amount. So, you healed, in 2.5 seconds, and it takes 2.5 seconds, for the health of the tank to drop down again. If the tank's health would drop down in 1 second, that would mean, that you cannot keep the tank alive, because the boss deals damage twice as fast as you can heal.
And, a database says, that Ramstein deals about 600 dps, Garr deals around 1600, Hakkar 1800. So, we can say that 3 healers have to continously heal the tank. Broodlord Lashlayer, has a 2400 dps, Kel'Thuzad has a 4100 dps, so basically 8-10 healers have to continously heal the tank. However, these fights take longer, they take about 3-4 minutes. If we divide 40 players equally through all the diffent types of classes, then we'll have 5 of each, so 15 healers in a raid, not just 10, that's why the fight can be kept up longer.
The way I see is, that in 5 mans, healing was very important. Basically the whole fight was possible, because of the healing. If the tank has 5000 health, and the priest can cast 10 healing spells, each of which heals 2400 health, then it's like having a tank that has 24000 + 5000, so 29000 health. So the fight against Baron Rivendare, which has 47000 health, becomes possible.
But in raids, the threshold is just too small. 10 healers have to heal the same tank, continously. It would be impossible, to put them in order, and to have the healer1 cast a healing spell at 14:00:00, the healer2, at 14:00:01, and so on, with a synchronized watch, knowing that every 10 seconds, if the number ends with 2, at 02, 12, 22, you have to heal.
It would be interesting to see the fight, let's say on a fun server, where the tank would have 20k health, the flask of the titans would give 12000 health, instead of 1200.
But the problem is not only overhealing, it's that the healers have to use up their mana equally through the fight. If a healer is "fighty", he wants to be first, so, he catches all the time he can, to heal the tank, he will be at the top of the healing meters. However, he will run out of mana, and if there will be less than 10 healers, with remaining mana, then the tank will die, because they will not be able to heal fast enough. If a healer uses a mana potion, but the other healer will use a mana potion only later, then the whole thing gets messed up, and impossible to follow with the human eye. Druids will have innervate, their mana meters will empty slower at the end.
The threshold is just too small, and it will be always impossible to synchronize perfectly, in Naxxramas for example.
The threshold through which the damage income is received is just too small. One way would be, to have 8 tanks, they would stay in order next to each other. 8 tanks, because the taunt has an 8 second cooldown, and about 1 second is not that much that a tank could die during it. And after the first tank gets below 25% health, the number two tank would taunt, if he would be able to override the taunt, when he gets below 25%, the number 3 tank would taunt. And the healers would have plenty of the time, to heal up the tanks, that are basically out of combat, let's say every tank would have a healer assigned, but he wouldn't have to hurry, so there would be absolutely no overhealing. But most importantly, it wouldn't matter, if a healer runs out of mana faster than the others. Because that is lost, if 5 healers remain, then the tank will die, even if that 5 healer will still have mana, their mana will be considered lost. And of course the tanks couldn't miss on taunt for this to work.
If in a raid only one healer brings a flask of distilled wisdom, then it's worthless. If he will not be able to be "fighty" enough, and to use up his mana in time, then he will not be able to keep the tank alive alone, and he will remain there, still having mana.
The mana potions can also mess up things, it would be necessary that all the healers, use up a mana potion, at the same time, synchronized.
Another method could be, that all of the healers, would stop healing, at 20% mana. And, when the other healers would run out of mana, too, and there would be only 3-4 healers with remaining mana, then they would start healing again, so the healing would be fast enough, and the tank would stay alive, and those slower healers could burn up their mana, too, which is very precious.
It would be worth watching a fight, how many seconds does it take, usually, and to start counting the time, when the fights begins, and to divide the healing mana equally through that time. If the boss wasn't taken out in that amount of time, then it's the dps's fault.
It doesn't really matter how many hunters, how many rogues are in the group, it matters how many dps is in the raid. And considering the average number of the dps from the previous fight, and knowing the bosses health, it's possible to calculate how many seconds will be necessary, for the raid to take the boss out. And the healing should be divided in that amount of time. If you are faster, that's not good, because the remaining slower healers, will not be able to keep everything going as last stand people. And it's getting harder and harder as Naxxramas is getting closer.
Sulfuron Harbringer, from Molten Core, deals 1400 dps, Heigan the Unclean, from Naxxramans deals 4300 dps. That is 205% more damage. A pre-raid bis tank, with buffs, will have 6.5k health. A fully Tier-3 tank, with buffs, will have 10k health. That is just 55% more health. The game is not balanced. That's a guaranteed ticket to overhealing, to healers remaining behind, to newcomers who don't feel the rhytm of the fight remaining behind, and to a failure and wipe in raiding.
It's just a philosophy, it's just a theory, the way I see things, why 5 mans, are easy, but 40 man raids are considerably harder.
The whole game is like having a pie, that has 10 slices, and you can take away one slice, every few seconds. If you finish it in a certain amount of time, you win, if not, you lose. It's like having two bars. Both of the bars have an amount of health, and an amount of damage it deals. The strongest one of the two will win. It's the health divided by the damage that tells us, how fast, the speed of the fights. If we would divide in 2 the health, of all of the bosses, and players in the game, and we would increase the damage dealt by two, by all of the bosses, including the players, too, then, we would find out the outcome of the fight twice as faster. You could go there to a mob, while you level, either it would one shot you, or you would one shot the mob. You would find out the outcome of the fight, instantly, or if the raid can take out that particular boss, much sooner, of course only in theory.
One way of the bars to become stronger is, to increase the dps, but there is a limit, what the tank can tank, after that you will go over the tank's threat. The other way, is to increase the health. If a 5000 mana priest makes the tank look like it's having 29000 health, on a flask of distilled wisdom, he would make the tank look like, it's having, 38600 health.
Surprisingly, if we compare the numbers, of having healing power gear, and having intellect gear, the intellect gear seems to be stronger. If we compare Chief Architect's Monocle, with Crimson Felt Hat, with architect's monocle, he would have 30900 health, with crimson felt hat 29900 health (if we could divide a healing spell in pieces). So, because it can cast 10 healing spells, +240 healing power would look like an extra healing spell, while +35 intellect, would also give 500 mana, that would give an extra healing spell. Only the speed is different, but if the healing is fast enough, and the tank is kept alive, then 10 intellect makes him as strong as +70 healing power.
If we would like a fun server, where everybody is in Naxxramas, then one way would be to increase the dps. Let's say with a flask of supreme power that increases damage by 1.500. But that's not possible, the dps would get aggro. The other way would be, to have unlimited healing. To have a modified flask of distilled wisdom that gives 10.000 mana. If this would be the case, and let's say the enrage timer of the boss would be prolonged a bit, then only the strategy would matter, if that's right, then it would be guaranteed, that the boss is taken out. I would say, that this would be interesting, not a fun server where you can get free Tier-3. But using this, if I see, that when the boss is taken out, the healer is below 10.000 mana, that would mean, that I failed. If it's above, that would mean that I was successfully able to take out that boss.
2  Community / General Chat / Re: What makes the server... less good. on: January 30, 2015, 07:34:17 pm
Just an idea in regards of this. I always said that I don't like pvp. I know that on a pvp realm pvp attacks can't be avoided (it takes 5 minutes just to get rid of the pvp flag, etc.). But this has downsides. Tanks and healers can't afford respeccing all the time, and if the pressure for pvp is too high, it may affect other parts of the game, too. Less healers, less priest healers, less tanks, every warrior will want to go fury, priests will want to go shadow and more and more rogues will appear everywhere. Druids will also be very liked (because they can stealth and they are fast at WSG).

This is how a Ragnaros fight should really look like:

33 frost mages. They took it down in 1:16 minutes.
But what would these mages do, if they would always end up being stunlocked and harrassed by rogues? Dungeons will end up having 40% of rogue dps, and another 40% fury warrior? Why should I try so hard to become a better tank and to have an extra 1% dodge chance, if a rogue will simply walk in the boss area of effect damage and "steal" mana from me!! (indirectly)

My opinion is that if a server starts to become too pvp oriented, then the fault can be the XP rate. High xp rate servers tend to become more Warsong oriented, but this can downgrade the pve raiding progression.

My opinion is that these two things are tied. Impatient people tend to leave dungeons in the middle of them, they tend to blame GM's, the server, the lag, other players, everything.

And a solution could be to force the first character on an account to be leveled at 3x xp rate. No more! Let's see what happens. Will he going to scream in world chat, that he imediately wants to donate for instant level 60? Because a this type of personality will be a guaranteed troublemaker later in dungeons (and raids!).

It would be a perfect test for newcomers. Let's not forget that on a retail server the XP rate is 1x. There if you start a dungeon, you can be 100% sure that the other players are able and are patient enough to "grind" and to level a character even if that took 1-2 weeks, or more! A thing which would probably be impossible for a 11-12 year old player for example.

15x XP is good, but I don't know. Pve should not suffer from this. And by the way, if the world pvp would become less agressive, then even Warsong could become more popular, because other places would simply become less attractive pvp wise (though this is a bit of speculation). Anyway this was all just a personal idea.
3  Class Discussion / Warrior / Re: Noob tanking questions on: January 19, 2015, 12:57:59 pm
Thx, very kind offer. "Tankchriss" and "Fkrisz" are considered my main characters, a night elf and a human warrior (I was planning to convert one of them to fury). Also 'Fkrissz', an 58 mage, and 'Fkrisszz' a lvl 43 priest. But I was playing very intenesly in the last time (I have Skullflame Shield on the night elf), so I'm planning to take 2-3 weeks off (in favour of Cata Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue).

I don't like that much the open world pvp on this server, I'm a warrior, I can't pvp, I can't dps. It's so scary when I'm mining, gathering herbs, questing, etc. and a rogue scares me to death, everywhere, all the time, it was a bad idea to put 'tank' in the name.

Serious players will not attack that scary, but it gives a lot of space to noobs.
(Anyway, I'll be back soon with a 'fresh' mind.)
4  Class Discussion / Warrior / Re: Noob tanking questions on: January 18, 2015, 01:16:58 am
Hmmm, I think I miscalculated some of the information got from add-ons.

After my new calculations, it seems like for example Gyth, the mount of rend blackhand from UBRS, hits in melee for about 200-600 (on plate) every second, fire breath or what for about 700-900, and nature damage from acid breath of about 300-400. So this was the moment when I came up with the idea that how cool would it be to lower the fire and nature damage... (It would be a good idea, just not with green gear). And anyway after Gyth, Rend deals only melee damage, so it's probably not worth it...

Vanilla seems so hard to me sometimes. I calculated, and the Tier 3 warrior gear gives about 8% extra melee damage reduction compared to the Tier 1. That doesn't seems to be that incredibly huge to me (assuming the effort needed to get it). (Just more stamina) but my assumption is that for beginners like me, it's more important to understand the strategies, because like for example Gyth reduces the armor with his corrosive breath, so the off-tank has to switch and tank Rend Blackhand. And not even mentioning the General Drakkisath fight, where the strategy seems very very hard to me. I don't know where to stay, at his side, behind him, but if I stay behind him I will not going to see that well when the main tank gets feared with Conflagration. I don't understand that Conflagration, is that happening in a cone of fire forward, can I stay exactly near the main tank (to see him better)? Will we both get conflagrated at the same time if I do this?

And it seems like we made a mistake, we simply tried the Baron Rivendare fight with a hunter dps. And I think that they are not that good at this, because (I googled it) and they have a relative high cooldown on aoe damage abilities, and they have a bow, they still have a bit of minimum range even for area of effect dps, it's not that perfect in this case. I think that in this case a warlock and a mage dps would be the coolest for Baron. But how should a beginner know things like this, we all have to start somewhere.

I also tried to get (Lesser) Shadow Protection potion for Baron, because I thought that it will help. Later realized that where it says "Last 1 hour", that means the unused buff lasts 1 hour, not the actual effect. So I had to realize that I can only experiment with 'Magic Resistance Potion' (description: Increases your resistance to all schools of magic by 50 for 3 min.). (The chromatic potion seems a bit too expensive for my purposes.)

Anyway, in conclusion, my opinion is that pve is a bit overpowered in vanilla. Lots of time it can bring huge amount of frustration, becase the programmers had some minor/huge psychological issues.

Like for example, 80% of the warrior dungeon set 2 is useless for tanking, and it needs a 45 minute Baron run for that cr@p?

Conclusion: I'll have to reroll a rogue. Smiley))))))))

>It's hard for beginners to acquire the tricks, the strategies, to learn to use it smoothly and to be able to react fast when needed (and to know exactly what should be done). In the last time I even tried experimenting with home installable (offline) servers, and to change the damage coefficient for output to x10 for UBRS, and the input for x0.1 or x20 for ZG, x5 for Scholo, etc. It seems impossible for a beginner otherwise, I can't experiment when I'm in a group, and to try something new and to risk to kill everybody after 60 minutes of clearing. It doesn't matter (at my level) if I have an extra 1% dodge chance or not, if it takes me 5 seconds to get to the mob, because I wasn't at the right place.

It takes a long time to figure out World of Warcraft...
5  Class Discussion / Warrior / Noob tanking questions on: January 15, 2015, 12:35:51 pm
Ok, so, I'm a noob, and I like tanking very much. But I always ran into problems, so I have a few questions regarding tanking gear.

Baron Rivendare and some UBRS dragon fights seemed incredibly hard to me sometimes. My question is, is it a good idea to use lowerish level 'Thorium Armors' there? (Because obviously I don't have access to Tier1 fire resistance gear or BWL resistance gear), so my only accessible option would be:

(Thorium Helm, Thorium Belt, Thorium Bracers, Thorium Boots)

I could stack these with 'Medalion of Grand Marshal Moris', 'Stockade Pauldrons', 'Skullflame Shield'. And eventually with the shadow resistant engineering trinket, the Ultra-flash Shadow Reflector (though it seems a huge effort to get it).

The important part of my question is, that this way, I would have 350-360 defense (with the 10 defense from the talent points), instead of the "normal" tanking (I'm a warrior, sorry, I forgot to say that) pre-raid gear, which would give about 390. BUT I would have 58 shadow resistance.
So, let's say that, I'm a noob, I don't care about raids, I just want to have fun at Stratholme and Scholo, would this setup be better? And would this work for UBRS, too? (58 fire resistance, 38 arcane resistance)

Another question: night elf or dwarf warrior for tanking? (not that familiar with horde, I only heard about Taurens from there). Where is the dwarf poison resistance good, at Zul Gurub? How important is that there?

3.: Why is that 2% block shield enchant so good? If a boss hits me for 1000 damage, and the shield has a block value of 40, that means that I will still get 960 damage. It seems incredibly weak to me (considering how expensive is that enchant). And this enchant increases that chance by just 2%?

4.: Stupid idea, but the Naglering:

inflicts 3 arcane damage in melee attacks.
If I would use a mage ring in the others slot, I don't know what's it's name, let's say 'Songstone of Ironforge' from blackrock depths, which increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 18, that would mean that I would cause 21 arcane damage to every melee attacker? Would this be useful for easier 5 man instances, like let's say BRD?

5. Another strange idea, if I drop the blacksmithing, and I get engineering (anyway it would be needed for the trinkets), and I would make Dense Dynamites, would they help for the adds at the Baron fight? Is it a good idea to waste time with that? (Dynamite description: Inflicts 340 to 461 Fire damage in a 5 yard radius. (cooldown 1 min))
I mean, okay, strange idea, but those adds from Baron seems incredibly annoying, I can't keep them on me, they are immediately attacking the healer, they are the worst thing I ever saw.

6. (Sorry, I have lots of questions.) One time, at Scholomance I had -90 shadow resistance, and seemingly I got no diseases or curse or similar on me. Is that a debuff linked to a certain area of the instance? Would that cancel out completely my whole resistance gear theory?

7. At Stratholme (doesn't matter if living or undead), the first few pulls seems very hard. I don't know if it's bugged, but even if I stun the mob, it still tries to run away and chainpulls the next group, and after that the following group. Would it be a good idea to spec a bit in fury and get the [Piercing Howl] ability? ("Causes all enemies near the warrior to be dazed, reducing movement speed by 50% for 6 sec.")
Would it waste too "much resources" from the protection talent point tree?

Because for example, the "Last Stand" ability seems rather easy to sacrifice to me. I never know when to use it, 30% extra health, sounds good, but I don't know when to pop it. I can't watch constantly my health bar for this, and how will I know if the healer is out of mana? Maybe he is just casting for a second a heal spell for a mage who got in trouble or something, I don't know.

8. Again, at Baron, those "Bile Spewers", fat mobs, before Ramstein, when they started to cast instant poison, Venom Spit or I don't know what, that was eating my health away so fast, it was scary. A bad pull, pulling two of those, and I don't think that any healer could keep me alive there. Would it worth putting in the effort to farm (the gold) and to buy from some higher level players the [Ironvine Breastplate] (726 armor, +30 nature resistance, Equip: +7 defense) and [Ironvine Gloves] (454 armor, +20 nature resistance, Equip: +10 defense)? (I don't like the belt that much, and I would need that slot for the Thorium Belt).
How much nature damage is reduced by let's say 50 nature resistance? (I know that there are guides on the web, but they are so confusing, some of them includes newer patches, some of them don't, I can't figure them out.) And when a 'resist' occurs, is it completely resisted? Or just by a given percent? I mean does it cause crazy damage spikes sometimes?

So, would this solve the problem? Because this setup would give me 88 nature resistance with a night elf, or 78 with a dwarf. [So are night elvs better? (because I saw a lot of cases, where nature resistance could come handy, if I'm right even those whelps before Rend Blackhand from UBRS are casting thunder damage or what)].

9. Icy chill enchant on weapon. It chills the target, slowing it's attack speed by 25%. It seems very very nice, but it's almost always resisted at boss fights. Why? Is that suppossed to be like that? Was that mechanics modified on this particular server? Also I saw some people with 3% hit enchant on the ranged weapon (bow or crossbow or gun or something). Will that affect melee attack? Or what enchant is good for the weapons, let's say the melee weapon (if the icy chill is not that good)?

10. Also, thunder clap seems good to me, it's not resisted, and it slows down their attack speed by 10% (it's just a bit of pain to change the stance to battle stance). Is it any point to use the demorilizing shout?

11. Also what easily accessible weapon is good? I know what shield I want, the Skullflame Shield, because that gives 10 shadow resistance (it seems even better than the Draconian Deflector in this regard), but what weapon? Would it be good to use 'Hand of Edward the Odd' for tanking? (45 damage per second. Very strange stats, +13 intellect, and 'next spell cast instantly' buff.) But it would be relative easy to get from AH...

12. And just one last question about enchants, the +4 all stats chest enchant seemed somewhat popular to me (but more for rogues). What does "all stats" mean? Just agility and stamina and strength, etc., but no resistances? I saw some kind of "Greater Resistance", +5 all resistances enchant for chest, too, would that be better for tanking? Or in general what enchants should a tank use? I saw a +20 fire resistance head or legs enchant, too, but it comes from a quest, with a "Lesser Arcanum of Resilience", I can't make that, it would be an immense work. But (in theory) would that be better than for example paying for a 1% dodge AQ20 cloak enchant?

Well, that's for now.  Shocked I will come back with other questions in the future. Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Also, I would like to mention that I found a nice tanking trinket for noobs (like me)

1% dodge, not very much, but it comes from a level 45-50ish quest from Stranglethorn Vale. It's a quest, it's easier to do it, than to farm General Angerforge at BRD hoping for a Force of Will trinket drop.

Also, an interesting idea from me. The "Super-Seller 680" vendor from Desolace (in the southern area) sells unlimited amount of Scroll of Protection III (180 armor for 30 min.) and Scroll of Agility II (9 agility for 30 min.) for 4 silver each. They seem a good option to me. Tongue

In summary, please help me, give me ideas, give me tips, tutorials, anything, because World of Warcraft is one of the most complicated games I ever saw in my life. Especially considering tanking, huge amount of mistakes can be made.

And even if I dream about raiding one day, and getting best in socket, full, pre-raid gear, it seems impossible to get there if 5 mans are that much of suffering sometimes.
This game is a pain!!
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