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1  Community / General Chat / Re: 2v2 Twink Tournament #2 9/9/2017 - 19:00ST! on: August 29, 2019, 10:41:59 am
Its an old event nuld, same bots doing bot things. Its Smoq's like 2y old twink event
2  Community / Events / Re: PvE events? on: February 06, 2019, 05:00:47 pm
Yet another thread with someone trying to be innovative and everyone else shitting on it without helping it succeed.

I think it's a good base idea and I am sure you are open to suggestions on how to improve the idea.
"everyone shitting it and not giving ideas - goes ahead provides zero ideas himself".

unsure if i wanna bother defending myself against you.
what i voiced was a concern of the complexity of a pve event vs a pvp event.
Ill leave it at that.

ill take the bait. The events i could imagine seeing to work would be find 5 semirare/somewhat uncommon items from dungeons - first team wins. (like 5 plate items and the one collecting gotta be a cloth to avoid someone just going to bank and "find" them a hour later, that or screenshots of looting it could work. and having over a weeks span or something and most / all wins the prize when times run out.)

Solo running low lvl dungeons(timed) (low level dungeons like DM or something, i was critical of this before and thought it would be a stomp by certain classes, ive reconsidered it since when i talked with Brawnzy)

Solo high level dungeons (timed) like zf+ (maybe sm cath, maraudon, Sunken temple Dm N(prolly only hunter who can reliable do DM N though i think its a good challange on VG)

I am unsure if a 5man dungeon (5 "premade") will be successful due to the sheer fact you will need minimum 10 people to have a race, and preferably 25? (5 teams competing) to make it intresting. And i am unsure if that will be a possibility. i funny idea would be to randomize teams. so you would get 5 tanks 5 heals and 15 dps(for example) and randomize the 5 parties and you gotta mix and adapt to your own comp and the fastest to clear said dungeon wins.  This demands either heavy gm assistance OR people being able to stream / record their runs. OR the leader of the event standing outside the dungeon and when boss is dead they would whisper said leader and after the whisp printscreen the kill +  the whisper to said leader incase any doubt comes about killing the endboss during said time.

Guess i went on defending myself on forums because ive said all this to brawnzy already.
3  Community / Events / Re: PvE events? on: February 06, 2019, 07:17:15 am
The 5man dungeon is probably a somewhat poor idea, only bis people would be able to compete for the prices (DUH) and its probably will be more of a comp issue than a Route. BRD and Scholo is the only 2 dungeons i could think any of it would matter, Brd because of the size and scholo for the immunities and diffrent monstrs. (all others would be ez dominated by Fury warriors + heal (pref shaman due to WF and Chainheal) also a hues u think anyone trying to prep for a race would invite a random blue.
40man - LOL (gl getting more than one guild intrested in this on a certain date)
20man - yeah maybe ? rewards(recipies 1/20 dunno if people will be intrested in that, other than that you would need to have people stream etc)
Other than this issue, how to judge it? time from pull or time from entering, you will need people to strim their runs(another roadblock).  you say pve PUG event, how would you split the reward if it was a Teebu?

A pve event could be to gather 5 items over a week, and first "team" to show their items to gm/etc would win.
i am unsure if even this would gather any substantial "following" (this has been tried before, though with superrare items, crazy rewards and that took years to complete)

The reason why pvp events are so easy and often made is because its easy to hash out and its easy to spot who wins said events. Max hks in a wsg/ab/av - ezpz - 1 winner - 1 reward
Pvp in gurubashi 1v1 2v2 - 1 winner and a 2team winner. simple easy nothing to think about tbh.

there is a reason why most servers dont have anything else than pvp events, they are usually impossible or very hard to lay out and make sure. I am unsure if i have seen a pve event on any other realm.

You can always attempt to craft one yourself, i am doubtful about the possibility of one. Last time i saw anyone care about clear speed etc was when DW(Distilled Wisdom) was raiding. as they would use worldbuffs etc for the bwl runs. as they would clear bwl mc and aq40 in one day. (prime hunting day for me on my rogue)

Ps. i dont think the ruleset was obscure, but that might have been because it was my event.
do dungeons get gear. i removed items that wasnt fair (crafting and raiding) This was what i thought was clear.
4  Community / Events / Re: The Aztec event on: February 03, 2019, 04:09:16 am
so what happened so far with the event
The event died. I saw 0 azt online the last 24 prior to the event so just killed it.
Edit. The only 4 people I saw during the whole event stopped at 40ish last time I saw them
5  Community / Events / Re: The Aztec event on: January 31, 2019, 04:02:27 pm
Event starts in about 9hours. Get ready, get steady and await the GO! =)
6  Community / Events / Re: The Aztec event on: January 30, 2019, 08:04:14 am
Bump, a few days until the event begins, Vote for how the price should be distributed.
7  Community / Events / Re: The Aztec event on: January 26, 2019, 02:18:41 am
Well you might also want to restrict the instant 60 feature our little VG offers Wink
i thought about it.
but how could i enforce it?
it would require gms checking accounts and such,
i can just hope that people wont do that to get an edge i suppose.
8  Community / Events / Re: The Aztec event on: January 25, 2019, 10:09:45 pm
you forgot:

-no casting
-no autoattacking
-no wanding
-no instant spells
-no abilities

i mean thats abit harsh. basicly what i denied was "spending gold" to get your toon items.
i went hard after any goldspending because i didnt want this event to be
"who can spend the most mats and gold to craft the best toon in 24h" but you are free to make an event like that Wink

And 10min cds ok thats something. (Lay on hands, prep, cold snap, speed summon, etc) just felt like way to strong cds for a fight like this.
9  Community / Events / The Aztec event on: January 24, 2019, 07:24:33 pm
The event starts at 00:00 ST Friday (February 1st) morning and ends at 20:00 Saturday. (2nd February)
To enter the event you need to name your char a certain way(3 special letters),
the details will be released upon event start.

The event is a simple one.
You make a new character at the stroke of midnight,
you start gearing and leveling it up to 60 and when Saturday
comes you will fight these toons in a 1v1 and a 2v2 battle.

The rules of the event are quite extensive to remove any
unfair advantages people might have prior to the event (mats gold etc)

No crafts
No profs Only First aid (Bandages only)
No Raid items (zg mc aq etc)
Lbrs/Ubrs is fine (teebu is not)
Cons - hp/mana pot nothing else (no use item from bags, such as thistle tea, scrolls etc)
Buffs - self/grp (no worldbuffs or such likes)
No enchants
Epic boe Worlddrops - not ok
Non epic boe worlddrops - ok
minor Windstone - ok
major and middle - not ok
No 10 min cd
no felwood crap (tubber etc)

The pricepool will be at the moment 20'000 gold.

Finished poll on what to prio
57.14 % (8 votes)1v1 10k and 2v2 10k
28.57 % (4 votes)1v1 5k and 2v2 15k
14.29 % (2 votes)1v1 15k and 2v2 5k
14 total votes.

Finished poll on % to winners
46.67 % (7 votes)60%30%10% (1:2:3)
33.33 % (5 votes)70%30% (1:2)
20 % (3 votes)50%30%20% (1:2:3)
15 total votes.

The pricepool will be 10k to  1v1 and 10k to 2v2  
and the split will be 6000 to the winner
3000 to the runner up.
and 1000 to third place
Lets see how VanillaGaming pvp will be without T3 burst.

:::::::::::::::::::::::START OF EVENT EDIT:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

To be in the event your new character need to be named with azt as the 3 first letters. (Example AZTthessy)
This event ends at saturday 20:00 until then you go go go level and try to gear up as much as you can in dungeons. Best of luck!

Edit: end of event .... Sadly not enough people could / wanted to attend so i am killing it.  unsure if ill try to make another event in the future, ill have to think about it, i am leaning towards not, but we will see
10  Community / General Chat / Re: DC in Battlegrounds on: December 25, 2018, 06:07:47 am
Its usually the "anti-cheat".
if u exit bg rooted, you get the speedhack detected.
(as soon as you move, even if u stand still join queue and join the gulch and then move it "procs" and instantly disconnects you)
Fairly well-known pvp bug or atleast when I played.
11  Community / General Chat / Re: It's the end of summer on: October 05, 2018, 04:31:08 am
...there's nothing game breaking...
oh my naive friend. there are quite alot that is game breaking on vg atm. its just that you don't know about them yet. A good example that has been "fixed" is Chest of spoils.
12  Community / Events / Re: AV Event Saturday 21:00st! on: August 28, 2018, 06:17:44 pm
Sure, if you consider nothing about the class at all and only wanna complain. Mage and Warlocks have instant cast finishers which  gives them a ks advantage which they always use since mage is the most common event winner on vg. And don't forget everyone except rogues have big crit spells/abilities they can use at any point without build-up. Here the GM went out of his way to include healers because healers have been asking for it, and all you can do it try to complain on anything u can think of? Grow up, no game is perfectly balanced, anyone can win. And if you don't need the rep...don't join, you are one that doesn't, we are hundreds that do. And Mr. GM Sir, I thought you were all about the server rules, and according to Sin Rep is the only prize allowed to be used unless it's a rare/unique type of event. I suggest if you want these things changed you speak to Zeard or Sin, personally i would love if you widened the reward spectrum. But as far as I understand it, you as a GM can't just change the reward rules as you see fit.

Lol i am not complaining, i will likely play either way.. but you are foolish if you think that the warlock/hunters and shadow priests have the same chance at getting killing blows as rogues/warriors and mages.  If all of the events are only the top kills and their pocket healers its going to be the same few people who always win. Which will only lead to less people attending... most of the time one AV pops and then it dies.

My suggestion is to consider other ideas such as who turns in the most quest items in the AV or something like this(can get feedback from server for more ideas) Now, thats not to say this current idea of top kills/pocket healer can't be used again but its unbalanced if every single event uses these rules.  Having multiple event types for this would only encourage more people to come the next time.  If we had 100s of people interested in AV then we wouldn't need GMs to start events to get them going now would we? I find it funny you tell me to grow up when all i am trying to do here is start the conversation to make things more fair for everyone and get more AVs going.. i have nothing to gain here lol. I'd even throw 5,000g into a pool for winners who don't care about the rep to avoid the GM issue you mentioned. However, AV rarely pops so the event could probably be considered "rare" as well as the healer aspect is totally new so its "unique" Smiley. Maybe something like 1st = 2k or 2nd = 1k etc from the pool in the event the winner declines the rep reward, can even increase these gold prizes if more gold is crowdfunded.


I mean i agree that its kinda bland to have the highest killer getting a reward, to change that you can reward only the pockethealer. (Example: Swago and Gsport, then Gsport will get the reward if Swago gets top kills)

The part about quests is that its hard to keep track of i'd imagine.

Its always funny to me when people argue PVP (even though AV is pve)
13  Community / Events / Re: Weekly (!) Alterac Valley EVENT Friday 20.00 ST on: June 09, 2018, 06:28:02 pm
Just hire the AV Whisperer, rumor has it he is a pro at AV popping
look for the guy on the AV ram.
Pretty sure dwarfbrian stopped playing
14  Localized Forums / Swedish / Test123 on: June 07, 2018, 11:58:24 am
Testar testar funkar fin fint.
Tror du kan inte ha special grejer. typ vissa tecken och de 3 sista i alfabetet

(Just testing)
15  Community / General Chat / Re: 20 Mans reset daily on: May 24, 2018, 09:27:02 am
Nah, not really. 3 day reset cycle (as in Vanilla) is perfect - if you want to do ZG every day, it's easy to roll alts.

And herbing 15x? Herbing - together with Skinning - is already the easiest profession to skill up. I really don't see the need for a x15 skill speedup for herbing (which is already x2!)

I would understand you better if you wanted Blacksmithing or Engineering .. but herbing? :-)

I want 15 herbs in a node

dreamfoil is currently 50g a stack because everyone votes for flasks and no one picks herbs like they should be

people just jump or afk at ironforge bank and only login for 40 mans
-complains about herb prices
- isnt farming them to make a killing
- obviously has the time since "i want daily 20man reset"
 > is this a goldbeggar thread?

The issue with prices is that people pay 35-55g per stack to create flasks and hoard those or to sell. Even at 55 u have 2.5x55(silversage is about the same price)135g per flask and if u sell that at 150g that's 15g profit.(-vial and lotus so maybe 12g?)
So there will never be a 10g dreamfoil market unless u drop flaksprices to like 30g per flask.

Also VG herbspawn is way higher than what it should be. I think a round in felwood nets u like 3titans worth of groms.

On topic- what reasoning was it behind having daily reset?
-people might be saved and wants to wait for g'runs ?
And at the same time chess has to do 2 aq20s cus people was so interested in the run. So where is the difficulty to find people?
I guess on horde this sentiment can be true that it would be hard to fill groups, though we have 2 boxers running them nonstop and chaos doing it at random times in-house. I've yet to see "lfm 20man" on h side so the daily 20 reset would do nothing
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