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76  Off-Topic / Anything Goes / Re: Hello! on: September 11, 2014, 01:51:51 pm
77  Class Discussion / Rogue / Re: Dagger PvP on: September 07, 2014, 11:20:31 pm
Check out vol 1,3 and 4 (4th is in tbc, season 2 tho), also check Neilyo, Grim, Akrios, Acrono 's videos, all are unique in their own way.
78  Class Discussion / Rogue / Re: Dagger PvP on: September 07, 2014, 10:45:39 pm

Its probably not the best example of dagger gameplay tho take into account its recorded in retail vanilla when people didnt play same expansion for 5 years but learned how to adapt to patches and updates that came along. You may notice the opponents in this video arent exactly the brightest nor all of them match the rogue's gear level but he isnt fighting them one vs one and also he makes lots of mistakes himself.

Later on he became vengeful gladiator in 3s (rank 1 in 3s on 2500+rating) in TBC, point being, he aint retarded and probably is one of the best rogues of his time. Again, although this isnt the best possible gameplay of a dagger rogue, its a fundamental of how it suppose to be played, more less.

79  Community / Guild Recruitment / Re: [A] Distilled Wisdom - Summer Break is Over on: September 04, 2014, 10:44:59 pm
We are currently actually willing to accept a rogue application, BUT...
Please don't apply unless you are:
a) willing to farm consumables till you puke
b) absolutely positive u can play and spec properly
c) willing to attend 2/3 of our raids as the MINIMUM...
d) have a NR set (not asking for much nr, but it better be good pieces), BIS preraid or better (0 exceptions as of now), and 2 "frost weapons"
I can be very naughty replying to app missing the above...

Deeps going yolo on them rogues x)
80  Community / General Chat / Re: My "beef" with this server [please don't delete] on: September 03, 2014, 04:14:08 pm

3. Problems with anti-hack are acknowledged, and the system will be fine tuned. Right now for majority of players with decent latency it isn't too much of a problem, thereby shutting it down isn't necessary in comparison to decrease of amounts of hackers, and fine tuning it would take just as same effort as disabling it , but z's current activity status hasnt allowed either due to working long and consumptive shifts at his work, and people , even the majority of our players who haven't really done real physical work in their lives gotta understand that he's only human, and our only core dev. Im not even gonna reply at the "combat bugs" "spell bugs" "bugs" comment after the anti hack complain, what is the hell is the sense in this?

Why dont you try to find someone actually has time to deal with scripting stuff? I hear donating is possible on this server. That money has to go somewhere, im gonna guess Zeard's pockets? Maybe yours aswell, but its just a guess. More to that, some numbers i heard whispering on monthly bases are more than enough for hiring someone to do the scripting.

Tester applications are being neglected. Why dont you let people who are willing to improve server do it if they offer their time and expertise for free?

U claim server has reached its peak the other day in population. I evaluate this time of year as a good time to start playing video games once again, could you let us know how many of this ''peak number'' are players with relatively new accounts? Why are there 2-3 ppl in my friend list everyime i log instead of 20 that used to be there 6-8 months ago? I believe many of other ''old players'' feel the same way. This is coming from a player with 90 days played time on his main char, probably 20more from alts etc. hence i believe i know what im saying here. Point: ppl quit/left cus server is not in its top shape.

U may wanna reply to me and take ur passively aggressive attitude or u may take this into consideration as a critique which intentions are to actually improve server and do something about it. U may even ban me cus i talk shit but idgaf tbh..

81  Class Discussion / Warrior / Re: Hit vs Crit, you want 17 hit right? on: August 04, 2014, 08:46:56 pm
Nice post u got here.
Speaking from a rogue point of view (PvE), having more +hit/crit varies on spec aswell as the level of gear you have. I believe after reaching yellow hit cap (9%? yet with 5% from talents and +3% on ranged weapon with engi scope i found 8% to be sufficient for my yellow attacks not to miss when testing on level 63 mobs in BL) u shouldnt prioritize any of hit or crit while gimping other stats for the cause. Having more hit will extend your critcap, so in order to even be able to make more +crit useful u gotta stack hit first. I guess finding a balance between the 2 of those is indeed the key.

However it becomes a bit more situational. Taking into account all the stuff u mentioned in ur posts, +hit does some serious work when it comes to procs such as DMF card/crusaders/proc trinkets etc, aswell as poisons. Poisons not working properly and having more proc than they should would prioritize +hit just by themselves, especially for non horde rogues (assuming one is using instant, even tho it might cause deadly to stack faster in the begining if u were using it in raids, which for horde rogues single target tunneling seems to be more efficient).

Now back to the critcap and the fact that no amount of crit will be useful before making it useful with +hit. As almost bis rogue, i found critcap (with +24% hit atm) to be around 100%-glancing-miss-dodge+hit rating=54 to 55% depends on the sources you are using for those numbers. It is not unlikely to be able to reach this number in raids especially if combat dagger specced. I guess that in this situation u would like hit over crit to actually make crit count.
Assuming that not every raid u have songflower/ony/zg and other world buffs available it might be better to prioritize crit over hit until u use ur hit potential. I believe the key is to keep it balanced.
Two more situations come to mind.
1st being the 4set t3 bonus which scales with +crit more. Any amount of +crit, being within or out of critcap will cause ur yellow attacks to crit making u gain more energy.

2nd one is the usage of +2% crit stone on your offhand as horde rogue who is not benefiting from poisons as much as an ali rogue would. The question here is whether its useful to use this over poisons or not. I believe its totally situational and depends on how much armor a target has which again is totally situational. Speaking of raid single target raid bosses, with a properly organized guild u may even expect an armor value of 0 which would make all your physical damage attacks reach their full potential. However this is unlikely to see and usually bosses end up having from 0.9 to 0.5 armor factor, making non physical attacks do more damage. This specifically goes for trash mobs and fast paced fights with multiple targets for whom u cant really expect to have all the armor reduction that for example Patchwerk would have. In this situations +hit would probably overcome+crit. Also theres a 5point 100 energy bladeflurry pop on 3+ targets where u`d kill to get a crit with 5set t2.5 bonus and do 10k dmg in a single hit. again situational Smiley

Feel free to point out my mistakes, this is just an observation from what i learned about this issue on VG so far.

Damn it, i just found im in a warrior section of the forum...
82  Community / Events / Re: 3v3 event announcement on: June 06, 2014, 11:46:37 am
Team name: PvP is balanced
Caster dps: Hurricanee
Melee dps: Nimobre
Healer: Saleex
83  Community / Guild Recruitment / Gods of War takes a break on: May 27, 2014, 07:40:11 pm
Hey people.

Just wanted to let you VGers that Gods of War is no longer raiding actively since two days ago.
Its been a hell of a run last 8 months we`ve been around and  hopefully every player thats been a part of GoW got to feel atleast a bit of fun i had during this period.

Feels like yesterday that Tucka and me decided that VG needs another guild that might be taken seriously one day Wink Starting from a single Stratholme run, climbing our way through ZG/AQ20 (thank You CbC and Marovingiann for the support) to BWL/AQ40 and finally reaching Naxxramas level, its really been something worth being part of.

I would to say thanks to every person that`s been around for this time and made this happen, no matter if u`re still in the guild or had to part your way from us, its been a pleasure welcoming all of you guys!
Special thanks to Tucka, Saleex, Oceansoul, Neshu, Thrawnsinn Wink, Mivi, Scudstorm, Ozium, Lavros, Vms, Sotasonni (best windfury placer EU), Impmyride (will still have to learn how to outdps you on Cthun!), Disorderz/Fifteenstep, Cheifwhite, Nechu, Stumpgrinder,Zopzero, Slashdotcom, Chabalalalalala, and my rogue crew (sorry for bullying you around, i hope you learned atleast 1 good thing from me).

Last but not least, thanks VG staff for the support and making possible experiencing charms of Vanilla WoW once again.

GoW might try to raid again one day, i hope to see atleast some of you back in the raid seat if that happened, if not, i`ll catch u in some other raid, some other time.

Best of luck to all of you,

-GoW officer
-GoW rogue CL


84  Class Discussion / Rogue / Re: Rogue Spreadsheet on: March 12, 2014, 07:04:41 pm
Thanks for response, I`ll have this in mind.
Btw i checked out that spreadsheets, working like a charm, those guys really have made something there. I guess i shouldnt 100% rely on it since its all based on mathematical formulas and not each combination of geared is actually tested, it yet gives a rough preview of what i could expect from selecting certain gear choices.
85  Class Discussion / Rogue / Re: Rogue Spreadsheet on: March 12, 2014, 02:52:51 pm
Thank you. Btw i found yesterday that 29agi from my weapons (CTS+CHT with 15agi ehchant) gives only 0.7%crit instead of 1%crit which i get from any other 29agi in my non weapon gear. Crit % tracker was Theorycraft addon. Any thoughts on this? Didnt really know where to put this question, but hopefully i get at least some response.
86  Class Discussion / Rogue / Re: Rogue Spreadsheet on: March 11, 2014, 06:58:27 am
Could you maybe reupload these spreadsheets please? Not sure the link with an actual files is working.
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