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1  Class Discussion / Mage / Re: Mages on: April 25, 2011, 02:58:02 pm
Okay, doesn't seem that there is alot of Mage discussions here ;-)


don't even dare to come up with 31/20/0 you just earn disrespect xD
I'm low geared atm, but I will stick to 21/30/0 cause I plan to do 5mans and ZG first. Else it would be 17/0/34 since its the most viable pvp (even pve with 3/3 precision) specc.
2  Class Discussion / Mage / Re: Mage PvP on: April 25, 2011, 02:53:18 pm
I actually don't know mages on this server here, but as far as I could see from the movies here they were all decent (couldn't see all since gaytube blocked them -.-)

hehe, thats excatly my thought. Mages go for undead male cause:
1. racial
2. wannabes xD

Infact for me its the cool animations of undead males, nothing else. Though someone told me alliance loses more often then horde so I guess I will stick to female human and just pop my nogger ^^

Locking forward of facing you my undead racial abusers or my superb wannabes xD

And @Joru'd my gear will be bad for a long time, but even if I reach high lvl gear I don't suspect my skill to dop that fast hrr hrr
3  Class Discussion / Mage / Re: Mage PvP on: April 24, 2011, 03:54:00 pm
Then its an undead male mage I guess ;-)
Played females for about 5y now on any realm, time for something else
4  Class Discussion / Paladin / Re: Seal of command judgment on: April 24, 2011, 01:39:19 pm
hi bros, I kind of new to this project, but kind of experienced with mangos zero.
Paladin is the class with the most (positive!!!) bugs atm. Worst part of all is the seal and reckoning.
Most problem is that reckoning should only procc the seal with the first hit and not with all the 5. Means you can actually onwshot players as a paladin (even supported by the fact that the seal always does way too much dmg).

Regarding those bugs Paladins seem to have lost what they really where in classic. When I see Paladins stunning ppl to burst them it makes me giggle (bursting as pally, a mangos zero only !)

I hope a friend of mine joins me here since hes got alot of bugfixes that makes classes more balanced and more like they were back in 2006 :-).
5  Class Discussion / Mage / Mage PvP on: April 24, 2011, 01:32:08 pm
Hi, I'm a quite good mage in PvP and a really active PvEer. I really want to know on which side I should start playing at cause the one thing I hate is playing on a server where there is no balancing in PvP.
Is horde better atm or alli, I know this can change in couple of week though, but I'm just curious.

Thats just an additional question from me, the real topic here should be Mage PvP ;-)
Tell me about your opinions what make the class so special and why just stick to it ^^

As for me, Mage seems to be the class that scales with skill, not with gear. Sure you can twoshot ppl with PoM pyro and app 300-400~ spellpower, but I wouldn't dare to consider that skill.
With no other class you got so many ways of controlling your enemy, keeping your health up, escape, counter your enemys attacks and do insane combos. I used to play lock alot, but once you try out mage you get addicted pretty quickly.

6  Localized Forums / German / Re: persöhnliche Server Bewertung on: April 24, 2011, 01:13:53 pm
also bis jetzt hab ich hier nur leute gesehen die ein haufen highend epic spazieren getragen haben. bin bischen enttäuscht wie einfach das hier zu sein scheint. kann mir dazu nicht jemand mal ne ehrliche antwort zu geben weil das einzige was ich in nem server suche sind harte raids und ehrlich verdiente epics....

hoffe da kommt bald ne antwort weil ich und meine gilde nen neuen server suchen, cheers
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