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Title: Hello oldies and goldies and newbies
Post by: Riepup on November 22, 2020, 09:18:55 am

It's Riepu here. Prolly most of you dont regonize me and doesnt even want to.

I havent been online for about 3 years now and I decided to log in yesterdady. It was great to see my old characters and that server is still alive and even some people is talking in /4 chat.

 The reason why I quit here was that you dont take some of bugs seriously. Like I made 3-5 bug reports about Nature Alignment Crystal and Zandalarian Hero Charm cause those items are sharing cooldown. And they should not.
First you were saying that get proof that they shouldnt share cooldowns and when I did.. I didnt get any answer back

I was hoping for you've fixed it in 3 years but I wasnt surprised.

Anyways, it was a great visit there and gl in future!