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Title: Voting not giving coins
Post by: Flameroller on April 01, 2019, 11:58:16 pm
So I tried voting this morning and managed to get 1/3 of the coins but now it refuses to give the last 2 for the day. Did I get locked out because I voted too early, or too many times in a certain period? What would help a lot is for there to be some sort of tracking for when you last voted and maybe a notice telling us when it resets. If there's some kind of lockout system in place, not having tracking of some kind forces us to make a notepad or something with a timestamp of the last time we voted. That won't help me today though, which is really shitty and it's a pain in the ass regardless.

If I can at least get an answer, I can plan ahead and avoid this problem, even if that's not ideal.

Title: Re: Voting not giving coins
Post by: moongod on April 13, 2019, 11:38:04 am
Pisses me off as well. Somedays it is fine and you get all coins but others are hit and miss. I thought it was a 24 hour thing but that does not always seem to apply.

Title: Re: Voting not giving coins
Post by: Sobk on April 14, 2019, 12:49:27 pm

there's enough info about how the voting system works: 3 sites returning points every 12 hours. If you vote too early you may get blocked for the next interval.
We'll not implement anything like a tracking system because you should be able to keep track of your 12 hour timer :p

Other than that, if you can't get all 3 vote points for a given interval you should check the available resources on the forum. It's been said a couple hundred times now that getting 2 out of 3 points is common and caused by one special vote site and that you should disable your adblockers for the vote sites to get the points more reliably.