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Title: Ignore System
Post by: Dazeo on January 27, 2015, 12:10:59 am
The Ignore System

Now, as some of you may or may not know I play this server often. I am a character called Laughing as well as Bf and I have found the alliance side do not take too kindly to a 14 year old asking people who are around the same age whether they want to game together. Yes I can see how it can somewhat be seen as 'sexual' or 'rude' but this just shows the toxic like community. After two days of me playing I asked if anyone fancied gaming, I did say 'Does anyone around the age of 14-17 fancy gaming together.' From this moment on I was hit with harassment and abusive language. However having reported several people already I found a flaw with the Game Master reporting system. I would report and then my ticket would be serviced but no reply received. Therefore it leads me to speculate whether or not the matter had been dealt with as there is no other way I know of to contact GM's. I then continue with my average day and then I type in trade chat 'LFG' and I am again hit with abuse. I then decided to ignore the player, however I was then hit with whispers from alt accounts as well as other people. This is when I found the ignore system to be terrible. All it does is makes the person who is being abused deaf. In the meantime the other person has free reign to discuss any nasty comments about you. Therefore you being unable to see what they are putting means of course you can not report them. I believe the Game Masters should not suggest 'Ignore the player if they are harassing you' because this doesn't work.

So after a week had passed I was in Gadgetzan on my level 60 mage (Laughing) and when I hearthed from Silithus to Gadgetzan I was killed by guards, probably from a previous kill I did in Silithus. I was then 'teebagged' by a mage the second I died. I respawned and killed the mage, 'Level 51' so I receive honor. The player then logged onto their alliance account and decided to argue with me, threatening me if I were to kill him one more time. This person is called GetStabbed - Level 60 rogue in the guild <Equilibrium>. I then continue with my mage duties in Gadgetzan and the player '51 Mage' is continuously laughing at me. I then decided to kill him again. He logged over and began hurling abuse towards me in world chat, calling me a 'Ganker' or a retard and so on so forth. I then decide to ignore this player and again I receive whispers from other people, and it has made people believe the worst about me.

Admittedly I have caused a few problems purposefully but none that are harassing players / causing purposeful harm.

Finally the prime example is from a rogue named Derekrogue. This player is a person I did business with, I purchased 2 Traveller's Rucksacks. After a while he whispered me wandering if I wanted to duel, so as an overpowered mage vs an overpowered rogue I decided to do so. After a while of losing he continuously became more aggressive and asked for extra chances, me to use less spells and so on. After around 8 duels I decided I would bid him farewell. However he decided to hurl hatred, I then stated, ' Stop asking for extra chances in a duel, If you can't beat a mage when you are better geared then just practice.' and so the hatred began yet again. However, This player ignored me and continued hurling abuse at me so I could not reply back, after around 5 minutes of putting up with his attitude I decided to ignore him and log an alt. I messaged him telling him not to message me again otherwise he could find himself banned for verbal harassment. He had none of it. I ignored him on my alt and re logged my mage. I logged on the next day 'Today' and I found a mail from one of the characters I had ignored.

These are prime examples of how A. I am being harassed and Game Masters seem to be unable to view private messages / are really inactive. B. How the community seems to be too aggressive and full of undisciplined people and more Game Masters should be recruited in order to deal with this. Finally C. The Ignore system needs a revamp, I know it will not be the vanilla type system but I believe in order to keep some insanity of people on the server this is needed, whether that be you can apply for a permanent ignore on the website and then a Game Master will make it so you cannot receive any interactions from that players account, or it be that the ignore system passes over to all of that persons characters.

Title: Re: Ignore System
Post by: Floki on January 27, 2015, 01:14:35 am
This has been the case in the last 2 years in my experience. The reason why I never join the world chat. Half of the server are rude immature people that cry if they get killed in most cases. The rest are just busy talking trash about people on the world chat. Then you have those annoying people that keep spamming "Free Ninja" in the chat. As you know by now this post will probably be in vain so I'd say join a guild and socialize within guild limits and never join world chat again. You can ignore the rest of the annoying people that whisper you. Or commit your life to becoming a GM and endlessly roam the server, banning rude people that have spammed you in the past. Btw, make a list of the people that were rude to you, find them and kill them. I kept a notepad list of names of people who ganked me while I was leveling. I advise to do the same and pour out your disappointment with the server. Cheers.

Title: Re: Ignore System
Post by: Dawoobie on January 27, 2015, 01:27:11 am
well shit dude I have like 10 vg accounts. if i open up 10 clients and log into all 10 accounts (i probably have more) then i can absolutely wreck any chat bar. there is massive room for explosive chat spam because we dont give a fuck about multiboxing... plus you can have both horde and ally on the same account in a pvp server which is lol
it would be easy to get IP banned if anyone with that ability is logged in

Title: Re: Ignore System
Post by: baddestbad on January 27, 2015, 03:22:09 am
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8

Title: Re: Ignore System
Post by: Swollenglans on January 27, 2015, 05:08:45 am
cant tell if trolling or just a butt hurt child.

have you talked to your mom about this issue? surely she will take matters into her own hands and offer swift verbal discipline to those players who have wronged you oh so badly

Title: Re: Ignore System
Post by: Getsapped on January 27, 2015, 06:55:57 pm
You got your story wrong,u oneshotted my poor warlock and then u died by the guards and then i t-bagged you.
But making a thread about it amg.

Title: Re: Ignore System
Post by: fukru nolifer on January 27, 2015, 07:01:15 pm
pls i you cant handle that go play barbie horse ride 1 and 2 cuz 3 is prolly hard for you

Title: Re: Ignore System
Post by: Alexanderson on January 27, 2015, 07:09:54 pm
Welcome to VG!,I am 16,i don't play anymore tho ;(.
Yes,there are assholes everywhere in VG,I do prefer ignoring these guys.If someone abuses you for killing their horde alt,just say "world pvp ftw" and fly off to awesomeness.