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Title: Guid for Prot warrior
Post by: Langot on December 31, 2014, 10:27:28 am
Before you start reading, I m french, my english isnt perfect. Sorry for that.

I Stats :

    I a. Resume of stats
    I b. Touch
    I c. Expertise
    I d. Block value
    I e. Block score
    I f. Dodge
    I g. Parry
    I h. Armor
    I i. Equivalence Armor - Stamina
    I j. Defense
    I k. Magic resistance
    I l. Avoidance

II Mitigation & Aggro :

    II a. Understand the fight mechanic
    II b. Notion of threat and taunt mechanic
    II c. taking aggro
    II d. threat generation
    II e. DPS
    II f. Priority
    II g. GCD gestion's
    II h. Rage generation
    II i. far away

III Zoom on some technic/effect :

    III a. Thunder Clap
    III b. Demoralizing Shout
    III c. Heroic strike vs Cleave
    III d. Tactical mastery
    III e. Daze Effect

IV Games Style :

    IV a. Introduction
    IV b. Mitigation
    IV c. Agressive style
    IV d. Tank in DPS

V Tips & Stuff specific boss :

    V a. Multi tanking
    V b. Monotarget Avoid
    V c. Monotarget HP pool
    V d. Monotarget Aggro/DPS
    V e. Tips
    V f. Specific consomable

VI Stuff & Optimisation :

    VI a. L'itemisation
    VI b. Weapon selection
    VI c. Set's bonus
    VI d. Enchantements
    VI e. Buffs raid
    VI f. Goa vs WF
    VI g. Professions

VII Macros :

    VII a. Switch Weapon
    VII b. Macro taunt
    VII c. Kick
    VII d. Start Attack
    VII e. Command Addons and game comfort
    VII f. Consommables
    VII g. Trinket & various
    VII h. Wanna a coffee ?
    VII i. Targeting
    VII j. Raid

VIII Consommables :

IX Accommodation :

    IX a. Fury
    IX b. Arms
    IX c. Various

X Addons & Interface :

    X a. Usefull addons
    X b. The interface
    X c. Chat

XI BiS starting Raid

Title: Re: Guid for Prot warrior
Post by: Langot on December 31, 2014, 10:27:39 am
I Stats :

    I a. Resmue of stats

20 Strength = 1 Block value
1 Stamina = 10 HP
1 Agi = 2 points of armor
20 Agi = 1% Crit
18,18 Agi = 1% Esquive
12 Dodge score = 1% Dodge
15 Parry score = 1% Parry
5 Block score = 1% Block
14 Crit score = 1% Crit
10 Touch score = 1% Touch
1,5 Defense score = 1 Defense
1 Defense = 0,04% Dodge + 0,04% Parry + 0,04% Block + 0,04% Miss - 0,04% Take a crit - 0,04% To be daze
Cap Def : 440
Cap Resistance : 315
Cap Armor : 21855

    I b. Touch

As all class, the warrior need some touch. This touch will be important to creat a treath cycle easily and dont miss your target and lose some treath. The cap to get is 9% for the "yellow damage" and 24% for the "white damage". Just reach the 9%.

    I c. Expertise

Expertise decreases the chance to your attack be dodge or parry. Same as touch, expertise will be important to generate some treath without miss an attack. In théory you need 6.5% expertise to dont miss your "yellow attack" and 14% for your "white attack". In fact, in game we havent a lot of stuff with expertise..

    I d. Block value

One importante things, Block value =/= Block score. The block value correspond the part of damage you take if your block. I mean if you have a boss who hit you with 100 point damage with a block value of 18, the hit will touch you for 82 damage.
Moreover the block value influences your shield slam.
Block score = block value + Strength/20
1 block value = +1 damage on shield slam
1 block value = 1 damage blocked

    I e. Score block

Score block mean the % of chance to block an attack
5 score block = 1% block chance
Base block chance (5%) + defense score*0.04 + block score*5

    I f. Dodge

12 dodge score = 1% dodge
18.18 agi = 1% dodge
Base dodge chance (5%) + agi/18.18 + dodge score*12 + defense score*0.04

    I e. Parry

Parry is pretty difficult to explain. I will try with an exemple with 2 ppl.
-Player A and player B attack mutually with a weapon 10.0sec
-B parry A attack's, at this moment B defending and A attacking, there are 3 way out.
-If the next attack of B comes before 20% of attack speed of A (2sec), nothing happen
-If the next attack of B comes betwin 20% and 60% of attack speed of A (2sec - 6sec), B wins a bonus of 20% attack speed of A weapons's on the next attack
-If the next attack of B comes after 60% of attack speed of A (6sec), B wins a bonus of 40% attack speed of A weapons's on the next attack.
This system works in PvP as PvE (exept some boss) and its called Parry-Rush or Parry-Retaliation. So Parry an attack increase the DPS of the opponent BUT if we reduces the number of Parry-Rush we decrease the damage taken and decrease the burst from a boss, this will be good for healers.
Expertise is a main factor in reduction of taken damage, and the Parry-Rush means a warrior can't be "Parry immune" too.
15 parry score = 1% parade
Base parry chance (5%) + parade score*15 + defense score*0.04

    I h.Armor

Armor is your first defense for the physical attacks, your armor determines the reduction of taken damage.
For exemple, a boss deals to you 100 damage, if you have 50% of reduction, you will take 50 damage.
DR = (Armor / (Armor + (467.5*Level - 22167.5)))*100
Lvl 60 (mob): DR = Armor / (Armor + 5882.5)
Lvl 63 (mob): DR ) Armor / (Armor + 7285)
The cap of damage reduction is fixedto 75% (+10% stance), its 21855 armor.



The second grapic shows 1% of mitigation has the aproache of 75% cap. The DR is 4 better than if you have 0% mitigation. In other way, if we have 75% DR we decrease the damage taken by 4.

    I i. Equivalence Armor - Stamina

Armor reduces the direct damage taken (physical). We can do an equivalence between armor and stamina
1 stamina = (10*(467.5*Level - 22165.5 + Armor))/(HP)Armor


    I j. Defense

One of the first thing you have to do, its be def capped.
1 def = +0.04% block
1 def = +0.04% parry
1 def = +0.04% dodge
1 def = -0.04% miss
1 def = -0.04% take a crit
Cap : mob Lvl 60 : 425 = 5%
Cap : mob Lvl 63(boss) : 440 = 5.6%
1.5 def score = 1 def

    I k. Magic resistance

Here we have 2 factor to dodge (or not) a spell. First the difference between your lvl and the opponent's lvl, second its the magic resistance.
If an ennemy has the same Lvl as you, you have 96% to take the spell.
Average resistance = (MR / (Lvl*5))*0.75
The cap is 315 !


unlike the armor, any extra point in MR increase the impact on your resistance. The graphic shows with 200 MR we absorb 50% and with 315 75%

    I l. Avoidance

I dont know if the avoidance decrease as armor has no cap. The impact of tje avoidance is really low and making test IG will be really hard and too long...

Title: Re: Guid for Prot warrior
Post by: Langot on December 31, 2014, 10:27:46 am
II Mitigation & Aggro :

    II a. Understand the fight mechanic

The table attack : the result of all attack who be determinate by RNG, here a table (a boss has 102.4% chance to hit you with his lvl) :

Raté = Miss
Esquive = Dodge
Parade = Parry
Blocage = Block
Coup critique = Crit
Coup normal = White attack
column 1 : mob 60 / Tank no def capped
column 2 : boss 63 / Tank no def capped
column 3 : boss 63 / Tank def capped
Column 4 : boss 63 / Tank def capped + Shield Block


There is a priority order : Miss > Dodge > Parry > Block > Crit > Crush > Normal attack. That mean you can have 100% chance to block an attack but this will not necessary block the next attack, the attack can be miss or dodge or parry.

    II b. Notion of threat and taunt mechanic

The first role of a tank its keep the aggro. To do this you have to generate threat with some technic. For make a base we will take 1 damage = 1 aggro. When you keep the aggro a melee have to male 110% of your threat to take the aggro and 130% for a range. A taunt keep the aggro for just some sec.

    II c. taking aggro

How to take the aggro ?
-Bodypulling (0)
-Pull by link (0)
-Heal or Buff (threat generate by the heal)
-Pull with bow/gun (threat = damage deals)

    II d. threat generation

The threat can be change by a value who will increase or decrease the generate threat, this modifier are multipliable. Here the modifier of warrior :
Def Stance = 130%
Defiance = 105/110/115%
Other stance = 80%
Rogue = 71%

    II e. DPS

The threat depends of the damage deals. Base : 1 aggro = 1 damage or 0.5 heal. Increase our DPS its increase the threat too, and here One-Handed Weapon Specialization is interesting to increase the threat.
A warrior who generate 1000 TPS (Threath per sec) for the other class they have to :
Rogue : 1408.5 DPS
Mago : 1111.1 DPS
Hpriest : 2500 HPS

    II f. Priority

Here some value of generator of threat without modifier and Rang max.
-Shield slam 250
-Heroic strike 172
-Sunder armor 260
-Revenge 172.5
-Improved Revenge 25
-Shild bash 130
-Hamstring 110
-Execute 1.25*damage
-Bloodrage 50+rage*5
-Thunderclap 1.75*damage
-Demoralizing shout 43
-War shout 50
other 0

So in threat term : Shield slam > Revenge > Heroic strike > Sunder armor
In threat/rage term : Revenge > Shield slam > Heroic strike > Sunder armor

Cycle ot take aggro : Sunder armor > Revenge > Shield slam
Normal cycle : Shield Block > thunder clap > demoralizing shout > shield slam > revenge > heroic strike > sunder armor
Cycle back up : Shield slam > sunder armor
    II g. GCD gestion

GCD is very important, optimise GCD allows to optimise your cycle. Every technic are on GCD execpt Heroic strike and cleave who go on the swing timer. To avert to be without rage, use your heroic strike if your have more than 50 rage.

    II h. Rage generation

damage deals : Rage = (7.5*D)/C
damage taken : Rage = (2.5*D)/C
Lvl60 C=230.6

Title: Re: Guid for Prot warrior
Post by: Langot on December 31, 2014, 10:27:54 am
III Zoom on some technic/effect :

    III a. Thunder Clap

Thunder clap is used for decrease the attack speed of your ennemy (10/20%) and allow to win in "time to live". An exemple, an enemy has an attack speed of 2.0 with thunder clap this attack speed decrease to 2.2/2.4. This give me 10/20% extra time alive, for exemple I have 10k HP, an enemy hit me 50 damage every 2sec, my time to live is 400sec but with thunder clap I can be alive for extra 40/80sec.
In multytraget the thunder clap is a great skill to generate threat and can be cast in battle stance.

    III b. Demoralizing Shout

For this part I lost my elitist Jerks link.... I have only brut stats.

Normal: 1867 - 2476 damage.
demo: 1512 - 2121 damage. (-16.3%)
Normal : 5491 - 7281 damage.
demo: 4448 - 6238 damage. (-16.3%)

Test was done on Uvuros - level 70 elite quest mob in Shadowmoon Valley.)
* Base Damage: 2272-3214 Average: 2743
* Screech (-210ap): 2002-2944 Average: 2473 [-9.84%]
* Demoralizing Roar (-248ap): 1953-2895 Average: 2424 [-11.63%]
* Improved Demoralizing Roar (-347ap): 1881-2823 Average: 2352 [-14.25%]
* Screech + Demoralizing Roar: 1881-2823 Average: 2352 [-14.25%]
* Screech + Improved Demoralizing Roar: 1881-2823 Average: 2352 [-14.25%]

    III c. Heroic strike vs Cleave

Dont forget, heroic strike and cleave arent count on GCD. So the frequency to launch cleave or heroic strike depends of your attack speed on your main hand.
A lot of people thinks improved cleave is better than heroic strike on monotarget, let's see this.

Average damage of HS = 350
Average damage of Cleave = 250
Average damage of Improved Cleave = 320

ratio damage/rage
HS : 23.3
Improved cleave : 29.2
Cleave : 12.5
Improved cleave : 16.65

So we can see, on monotarget HS is better than Improved cleave. But Improved cleave is better if you have 2 or more enemy.

    III d. Tactical mastery

Tactical mastery is the root of the warrior's gameplay, but can we measure his utility ? I mean previously in the Attack Table with 75% chance to block is useless since Miss > Dodge > Parry > Block, for exemple take a tank T2+ with 70% of avoid so only 30% will be usefull and 45% will be out of the attack table. Mastery allow to get out of the crushing blow.

    III e. Daze Effect

Patch 1.2.0 (2004-12-21) :
Daze chance has been reduced in degrees depending on the level of the monster versus the level of the player. Thus, a monster will have a better chance to Daze a player equal in level than it would Dazing a player five levels higher

Heroic strike causes ~70 more damage (pre mitigation) against dazed targets. With a 1.6 speed weapon, 20% armor, and defiance/defensive stance this will equate to roughly 50 TPS. This is notable, but not alone worthy of 25% a warrior's cooldown timers.

Title: Re: Guid for Prot warrior
Post by: Langot on December 31, 2014, 10:28:01 am
IV Games Style :

    IV a. Introduction

Some spec are available.
Classic without snare  (
Classic with snare (
Classique Aggro (
Aggro/Impale (

The spec Aggro/Impare need a huge stuff T2+ or a stuff with a lot of hit/crit, this spec generate a huge thresht ~ 1k1TPS.

Some hesitate technic :
Tactical mastery : You keep 5/10/15/20/25 rage points when you switch your stance
interest : You have to switch your stance to use mocking blow, berseker rage, hamstring and thunderclap. You have to spend 2 points to keep enought rage to mocking blow.

Empale : increase 10/20% crit damage.
interest : With a really gears you have enought crit chance to make profit with this technic. 30% crit needed to take this technic.

Booming voice : increase your shout of 10/20/30/40/50%
Multytarget : increase the range of your shout, good point to generate a threat.

Increase demoralizing shout :increase the reduction of AP 8/16/24/32/40%
interest : Reduce the damage taken.

Percing Howl : Reduces the movement by 50%
interest : good to kite and win some time.

Anticipation : increase your defense 2/4/6/8/10
interest : MUST HAVE before 6/9 T3.

Improved vengence : Confers 15/30/45% chance to revenge to stun ennemy during 3sec.
Multytarget : the effect add extra 25 threat point.

Improved sunder armor : Reduces the cost of sunder armor of 1/2/3 rage points.
interest : 0.

Improved Taunt : reduces the time of recharge of taunt 1/2sec
multytarget : You can keep aggro longer.

Improved shield bash : Confert to your shield bash 50/100% chance to silent your target.
interest : limited in raid.

One-hand weapon specialization : increase by 2/4/6/8/10% the damage of main hand
interest : 10% damage ~15% extra threat

    IV b. Mitigation

Defensive style is used versus boss who hit hard (twins / patchwerk..) and this style is here to increase the avoidance, his HP pool and armor at the expense of rage's generation, we have to spec and stuff accordingdly.

    IV c. Agressive style

The dark side of tanking :), spec based on DPS (HM increase with slow MH) the goal is generate the most threat possible at the expense of the defensive stats.

    IV d. Tank in DPS

Yep! It's possible and pretty easy !
Mortal strike become the shield slam, this one will never be the threat generate by shield slam but its enough to tank with it. This game style is for MT2/3/4.. who can DPS on boss monotarget like trashs...
With an adapted stuff with mix fury/prot gears : a high armor lvl and good HP pool and great stats to DPS ... the T2.5!

Title: Re: Guid for Prot warrior
Post by: Langot on December 31, 2014, 10:28:35 am
V Tips & Stuff specific boss :

You have to get always your stuff tank as your stuff fury in your bag because with some encounter we need 1/2 tank only. Adapt your stuff on boss if you tank or not.
Do a stuff based on Hit/Def for fight who didnt need avoidance but a good theat generation.
Objective of this stuff : increase armor to reduce the hit taken and decrease the evoidance to increase the rage flux and increase the hit to generate threaht. (do not over cap yout hit chance)
Wait T2 to try this gamestyle.

    V a. Multi tanking

The multitanking is the most difficult thing as tank. To multanking you have to be able to generate a good threat on any mobs and dont take huge damage (yep). To do that some stuff are perfect like Force reactiv disk / Essence of the pure flame / Darkmoon card : Maelsrom. You have to have a high block value ang huge HP pool.
Exemple of fight : Razorgore, Nefarian, Fankriss
Little tips : If you lose aggro -> mass taunt + retaliation.

    V b. Monotarget Avoid

For coriaceous boss who hit like UFC fighter. Objective : stagger the hit of the boss and to do this you have to increase your avoidance and your armor to maximum ! In this situation dont be affraid to take no-set gear
Exemple : Patchwerk, Twins, Ouro.

    V c. Monotarget HP pool

The objective is to quietly hold the event and make some hits "healable", in this case the avoidance dont need to be high.
Exemple : Chromaggus, Viscidius, Razuvious

    V d.
Monotarget Aggro/DPS

On some event your capacity to take damage does not come into play, just threat generation is important : you have to increase your threat quicly and strongly. in this case take a stuff with hit / strengh.
Exemple : Vael, Skeram

    V e. Tips


Vael : If your are MT1 dont grow up your threat too quickly because if you had the bomb the MT2 have to be here to pick up the aggro.
Flamegor & friend : be ready to taunt after the bump.
Chromaggus : use dust in inteligent way : before any breath and early pull to grow up threat.
Nefarian : tank adds nearly the door to have some time to retake threat on add if the go on the raid.
P2, dont be afraid to ask the MT2 to tank, like that you can switch to benefict of 2 berseker rage.

Bugs family : If you tank Yauj, exclude him from the raid or she will come back in any fear.
Sartura : GO DPS STUFF !
Ouro : split tank group at 90° each other.

Razuvious : The adds who you will tank will be used to tank Razuvious, dont put sunder armor.
Anub'Rekhan : If you tank Anub, put your camera on the hunt to be able to kite quickly and without mistakes.
Noth : If you tank Noth, keep your shield slam and 80+ rage to take aggro quickly after the TP
Heigan : In transition P1-P2, use a potion of rapidity to go on zone 1 and dont be burn !

    V f. Specific consomable

Free action potion : Anub'Rekhan
Swiftness potion : Grobbulus, Gluth, Heigan, Ouro
Mighty rage potion : Noth, Gothik, Patchwerk
Limited invulnerability potion : Gluth, Huhuran
RO potion : Gothik, 4 horseman, Horreb
RF potion : Fearlina, 4 horseman
RN potion : Anub'Rekhan, Grobbulus, Ouro, Huhuran

Title: Re: Guid for Prot warrior
Post by: Langot on December 31, 2014, 10:28:46 am
VI Stuff & Optimisation :

    VI a. L'itemisation

Before cap def : Defense > Stamina > Avoidance
Cap def : Hit > Avoidance > Armor > Stamina (This cap will be check with a full T2 gear, with this gear you have enough HP to focus on other stats)
More your stuff will be big more your DPS will deals damage, This is why we focus on hit to secure the threat cycle and increase your DPS.
Dream Gear ? Doesn't exist, I mean some encouter need to be focus on avoidance and some encounter not... so we have to deal with this and adapt the gear.

Trinkets :
TPS : Drake Fang Talisman > Hand of Justice > Trinket 50AP > Earthstrike > Blackhand's Breadth
Avoidance : Frostwolf Insignia Rank 6 > Vigilance Charm > Onyxia Blood Talisman > Styleen's Impeding Scarab

Vigilance Charm VS Onyxia Blood Talisman and  Styleen's Impeding Scarab
Vigilance Charm = 2% dodge

Onyxia Blood Talisman = 1% parry + def
7 def = 7*3*0.04 = 0.84% (parry+dodge+miss) + 0.28% block
so 1.84% avoidance + 0.28% block

Styleen's Impeding Scarab = 5% block + 13 def = 13 def + 13*3*0.04 + (5+(13*0.04)= 1.56%(parry+dodge+miss) + 5.52% block
In some encounter where u need a big avoidance, Styleen's Impeding Scarab is better to prevent crush.

Zoom on :
Glyph of Deflection
2.4% block
23 block value
+235 block value during 20sec (2min CD)
interest 1 : increase you aggro cycle during 20sec : shieldslam scales on the block value, so when you use the trinket you win +258 BV on 2sec ~ 1150 threat, its a bonus of 57 TPS on 20sec. Pretty cool against a boss who need to be burst.
interest 2 : +258 BV during 20sec mean block ~450 damage during 20sec usefull during AOE phase.

Drake Fang Talisman
56 AP
2% hit
Usefull to secure and consolidate your aggro cycle, war prot gears lacks of hit, this trinket is one of the best trinket in end game to generate threat.

Here a list (in french sorry) for adapt your trinket :



Number means :
1-1 = Slot 1 priority 1
1-2 = Slot 1 priority 2
2-1 = Slot 2 priority 1
2-3 = Slot 2 priority 3
Red = must have.

    VI b. Weapon selection
    VI c. Set's bonus
    VI d. Enchantements
    VI e. Buffs raid
    VI f. Goa vs WF
    VI g. Professions

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