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Title: Ausie based guild <Conquer>
Post by: Viccus on April 22, 2013, 01:46:16 am

Conquer is an aussie based guild new to the server but not new to WOW.

We played through vanilla retail and stayed together as a unit for id guess four years at least.

A number of our members know each other irl and get on pretty well which is indicative of a good team unit

and solid fundamental raid team.

We played together through the burning crusade etc until some of us parted ways late in bc content. 

Quite a few of our founding members have reformed a guild and tracked each other down after many years of

abstinance from the game to remember the nostalgia that is vanilla wow. If you are interested in raiding with a

solid core that knows retail strats, admitedly some of the vanilla gaming strats are a bit different but im sure

we will work through them. as far as we know we will be the only guild raiding at 11am server, then drop us a


contact Nafflez, Viccus, Sammythree, Shticklez or any conquer member for an invite.

At this stage we have open guild invites as our player base is not sizeable enough to form a 40 man.

Our goal is to get into Naxx, progress through the 4 wings as they are scripted and put a sword through

Kel'thuzad's frozen heart.

Title: Re: Ausie based guild <Conquer>
Post by: Azshanta on October 02, 2013, 07:36:47 am
Hey Viccus! Good to see some Aussies around in the vast space that is the Internet. :) I do hope this guild still exists, like yourself we have a group of Aussies that we all know personally and reaching out to this server for a vanilla WoW nostalgia trip haha. So hopefully, we'll see you about and give you a message when we can.