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Title: 4 box locks
Post by: Meyaht on April 09, 2013, 05:30:51 pm

I'm currently 4 boxing warlocks, feel free to whisper Mallard in game if you have any questions about it. Also, I give free summons to where I happen to be for those able to ask politely.

Title: Re: 4 box locks
Post by: Ridiculus on April 09, 2013, 09:09:13 pm
Well that's neat. What faction?

Title: Re: 4 box locks
Post by: Meyaht on April 09, 2013, 10:17:37 pm
Alli, trying to figure out how to tank in just one to farm dukes in Silithus. Room for a fifth if you want to see first hand. On in about two hours.


ok now that i'm out of work i can explain the rotation a bit...

4 locks, one is demonology, the other three are SM/Ruin. all have + dmg gear, except for the demo which i'm loading with sta gear for the health funnel. this lock uses curse of weakness, with talents in it.

one affliction lock has points in imp blood pact and has the imp up. this one also uses curse of shadow.

the rest use the VWalker

-pulling lvl 58+ mobs goes
curses (2 CoA, CoS, CoW)
siphon life
corruption on 3-SMR locks, health funnel on demolock
next is a couple life taps and drain life on the 3-SMRs

-most everything dies by this step. if they arent:
between drain life's i jump and cast shadowbolt in case i have a nightfall proc
if something is about to die at any time, i drain soul, i can always drop the shards.

for mobs lvl 57 and under i usually just shoot a single shadowbolt. if they dont die, 3 locks have shadowburn, and that does it.