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Welcome to VanillaGaming

Welcome to Vanillagaming classic world of warcraft server. Content wise, we are a blizzlike server and all of our development will be made towards the goal of blizzlike vanilla with attention to the finest detail. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

Server Rates

Vanillagaming offers you balanced rates; 1x or 15x XP changeable via in-game command .setxp rate 1 or 15, To present an option for both types of players; those who prefer to experience leveling process and low level content in vanilla wow as it was and at a blizzlike pace and for those who enjoy the process and content but do not prefer to spend many days / weeks at them; mainly aiming for the endgame. Drop rates and gold rates of 1x. Reputation rate is blizzlike (1x) and profession rate 2x.

How to Connect

Use notepad to open "Realmlist.wtf" which is located in your World of Warcraft installation folder. Overwrite all of the text in the file with this

Set Realmlist Logon.vanillagaming.org

A more in-depth guide for connecting to our server, including troubleshooting, can be found here


Vanillagaming has a rich community, with active forums with many VG oldtimers and personnel ready to help, answer your questions and to joke around with. The forums have a guild recruitment section with links to the websites of the guilds of our players. Our Facebook page, where you can find photos of development and much more can be found HERE.

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