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Author Topic: Hunter's Spreadsheet 1.12  (Read 8862 times)
« on: November 25, 2012, 01:16:29 am »

Ty all for the help with the different base stats. The sheet will now help you to decide the correct rotation (clipped/full), including RF usage, and show you whether an endgame/pvp item is an upgrade for you or not, including the set bonuses. It's now also available for all classes and includes their class' abilities. I'm working on the Imp. Hawk but i'ts tricky due to the random cast and the unlimited outcomes.

Here you can find the Inc updates:
Correct spirit/mp5
Mana: fight duration
Trinket Swap
T3 2/9 Bonus
Pet DPS (including specc)
ORC:5% pet dmg
Spec: Imp Aspect of the Hawk

barring these upgrades and adding the T3/naxx items I think the Sheet is complete. HF with it.
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