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Author Topic: LIVE Update 2011-12-01  (Read 1226 times)
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« on: December 01, 2011, 03:13:13 am »

LIVE Update Changelogs From 2011-11-28 to    2011-12-01

*Naxxramas Attunement quest "The Dread Citadel" Honored version is now available for those who have completed revered / exalted at the quest giver. It also should no longer reset on logout.

*Fixed so the c'thun tentacles actually can be attacked

*Malfurion Stormrage is now Spawned at Sunken Temple.

*Zeard fixed the Spell / bowshoot + Shadowmeld / Stealth ninja pull.

*Fixed C'thun LOS for all kind of Magnet chain spells so now you cant be attacked in stomach by any lazors

*Fixed C'thun so the Claw/Eye tentacles wont attack you in stomach

*Fixed C'thuns green lazorrrrrrrr, so it doesn't bounce off dead people or targets not in LOS (in stomach for example)

*Fixed C'thuns aggro range

*All C'thun game breaking bug should be fixed nao. GO GET HIM!

GM / Staff complaints are sent to me Erga or Zeard via pm, not posted on forums, there they will be deleted on sight.
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