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Author Topic: LIVE Update 2011-08-21  (Read 1712 times)
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« on: August 21, 2011, 11:26:42 pm »

LIVE Update Changelogs 2011-08-19 to 2011-08-21

*Paladin Flash of light now shows animation as supposed.

*Spawned npc "Eliza" at duskwood, Eliza is now dropping item "The Embalmers heart" for quest "Bride of the Embalmer".

*Fixed item Enchantments applying mods after Resurrecting

*You can now complete only one of the following Brood of Nozdormu reputation ring quests :

The Grand Invoker

The Path of the Conqueror

The Qiraji Conqueror

*Experimental fix on blackout, needs some testing

*Made some changes to the movement packets, movement should be less laggy now.

*AQ40 bug tunnel is now working, the bugs respawn every 10 seconds so the tunnel must be done as its supposed

*Whelps / Dragonkins at suppression room in BWL respawn now as supposed, whelps every 30 sec and dragonkins every 30 min

*Featuring Buru the Gorger http://vanillagaming.org/index.php?topic=4909.0

*Fixed Six Demon bag ;>

*Fixed stacking for the following Enchants:

Arcanum of Focus

Arcanum of Protection

Arcanum of Rapidity

Lesser Arcanum of Constitution

Lesser Arcanum of resilience

Lesser Arcanum of Rumination

Lesser Arcanum of tenacity

Lesser Arcanum of Voracity

Animist's Caress ( DRUID ZG )

Hoodoo Hex ( WARLOCK ZG )

Presence of Sight ( MAGE ZG )

Vodouisant's Vigilant Embrace ( SHAMAN ZG )

Prophetic Aura ( PRIEST ZG )

Death's Embrace ( ROGUE ZG )

Falcon's Call ( HUNTER ZG )

Presence of Might ( WARRIOR ZG )

Syncretist's Sigil ( PALADIN ZG )

*General Rajaxx , Moam and Ossirian are now Boss npcs as supposed

*General Rajaxx  and Ossirian are now blizzlike scripted (Except ossirian, Crystals need work still) due to new acid update, had to change scriptname

*Increased the damage of Kurinnax and Buru to blizzlike values

*Ossirian , Ayamiss and Buru are now immune to taunt as supposed.

*Spawned missing tablets to LBRS for the quest "The Final Tablets"

*Fixed the Model of Elsharin, stormwind mage trainer

*Fixed Tame beast, now you need to wait the whole channel time..

*Some fixes in pet react system and pet movement system, this wierd lagg movement when in combat should be gone now.

*Fixed Hunter pet dropdown menu, Renaming is now possible.

*Removed flag: UNIT_DYNFLAG_SPECIALINFO from players since it's not suposed to be there.

*Completely Fixed the Aquatic form quests for Horde and Alliance, was all fucked up (3rd time "Fixed")

*Increased damage of "Cenarion Hold Infantry" at Cenarion Hold to Blizzlike values

*Increased damage of Enraged Wyvern to Blizzlike values
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