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Author Topic: PvP Event Rules!  (Read 7371 times)
« on: December 08, 2010, 04:46:56 pm »

Ok these are the rules for the PvP events.

>Rewards will always be only for the first place.<

3000 Reputation with only PVP faction
This will be the reward if there is 8 teams in total.

~Spectators are allowed, but if anyone gets caught ruining the event in any way such as attacking Teams, or attacking other spectators will be teleported out. And will receive the punishment as its stated in Rules of the server.~

Rules about the Event it self.

-You may only use spells with a cooldown that is lower than 10 minutes. That means Coldsnap, preparation, Lay on hands, recklesness, Fel domination or such are not allowed.
-Engineering items are not allowed, except grenades.
-Mind control is not allowed.
-Self buffs,Food Buffs(Such as Argent dawn ones) Weapon Oils, Sharpening Stones, Healtstones are allowed.
-Having Noggenfogger or any other Morph is not allowed.
-Paladins are allowed to use only one Bubble per fight, which means if you BoP your team mate, you are not able to to bubble your self again. 2 bubbles are allowed in 3v3 or 4v4
-Flasks/Scrolls/Elixirs/Any outsider buff (the person that is not in your team) are not allowed.
-Having same classes in team is not allowed. (2x Rogues for example)
-First Aid is allowed.
-Drinking and eating during a match is not allowed.
-Having 2x rank 14 is not allowed unless one isn't wearing any of the ranked gear.
-Stacking Reckoning before the fight isn't allowed.

-Disobeying these rules will get you disqualified from the Event and will pronounce the opposite team as a winner by default.

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