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Author Topic: Ticket Guide  (Read 4546 times)
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« on: August 28, 2018, 10:36:06 pm »

Greetings VanillaGamers,

Let me present you a ticket guide, which is going to make ticket creation more comfortable for you and the Staff in order to assist you better, easier and faster.

Read before submitting a ticket:

- Forum and Game Rules

- Donation Rules

- F.A.Q.

- Vote for us ! (And obtain in-game rewards)

About ticket creation:

How to create an in-game ticket?

1. Press the red question mark "?".
2. Press "Issues that GMs can assist with".
3. Chose desired option.
4. Write all the necessary details like quest or item name etc.
5. Press "Submit" button once.


- As you may read on the Server Rules, Game Masters are not able to be online 24 per day so please add when you are generally online in order to receive easier and faster assistance. It is very possible that you might get help within 5 minutes, while in other cases, it just help both us and you to receive.

- GMs cannot give you in-game tips. You may find lots of hints over database, websites with guides or you may ask other players for clues about any subject.

- Never ask GMs for any in-game advantage like gold, level, teleport and etc.

- Tickets containing any inappropriate words or message like "gm help", "pls help" etc. will be deleted.

- Use search feature, on the forum, because many concerns were already answered in there.

- When a ticket is submitted, the icon in top right corner might not appear (look at F.A.Q.), while a ticket is always visible for us. Writing another ticket will only replace the previous one.


- Any complaints about GMs should be sent to the Head Game Master or one of the Administrators via Private Message. Posts or topics on the forum are going to be deleted.

Thank you for reading,
<VG> Staff

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