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Author Topic: Companion Codex - A Complete Collection of Tameable Beasts in WoW 1.12.1  (Read 9381 times)
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« on: January 26, 2017, 07:45:40 am »

Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd share a website I've been working on.  It's a recreation of my old one (Hunter's Pet Bestiary).  However it was hosted on Dropbox, and they are changing the way public folders work, so that site won't be available for long.

I have, since then, launched

There you will find:
  • the Species Catalog which compares the strengths, weaknesses, and diets of each beast family
  • the Bestiary which contains a complete list of all tameable beasts in Azeroth with their level, location, skin, abilities, etc., sortable and filterable.  (I plan on adding more ways to view this information, since one large table can be cumbersome.  Coming soon!)
  • and the Spell Book which contains a list of all pet abilities and where to locate them. (WIP!)

Its still a work in progress and I do plan to add:
  • Individual pages for each pet containing a map of their location, stats, specific notes, and comments section
  • As mentioned, more ways to view the Bestiary
  • A section for every spell, with all their ranks displayed, and a comment section
  • And more as ideas come.

Anyway I hope this resource helps you out.  If you have any suggestions or new ideas please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!
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