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Author Topic: Cat druids  (Read 11010 times)
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« on: February 11, 2014, 11:47:58 pm »

Don't flame. Cats have their place, end of that discussion.
http://wowgoldvp.com/druid/cat-dps-item-list.html (also other nice druids stuff on that site, some wrong, some good. Do a little research before you trust everything there is)

Cat DPS Item List

115.8 Southwind Helm
109.9 Field Marshal's Dragonhide Helmet
109.9 Warlord's Dragonhide Helmet
88.0 Foror's Eyepatch
83.2 Genesis Helm
80.7 Guise of the Devourer
76.2 Blooddrenched Mask
75.2 Eye of Rend
73.2 Shadowcraft Cap
68.7 Ghostshroud
65.5 Champion's Dragonhide Helm
65.5 Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Shroud
58.4 Ragefury Eyepatch
58.0 Ebon Mask
52.5 Feralheart Cowl
52.0 Mask of the Unforgiven
51.2 Embrace of the Lycan
47.1 Undercity Reservist's Cap
44.1 Felhide Cap
44.1 Circlet of Restless Dreams
36.6 Scorpashi Skullcap
36.0 Tattered Leather Hood
35.7 Helm of Fire
35.7 Pridelord Halo
33.6 Lordrec Helmet
33.6 Wicked Leather Headband
32.7 Hawkeye's Helm
31.5 Sprightring Helm

78.0 Prestor's Talisman of Connivery
66.0 Barbed Choker
63.9 Amulet of the Darkmoon
62.2 Onyxia Tooth Pendant
62.0 The Eye of Hakkar
56.2 Fury of the Forgotten Swarm
51.9 Pendant of the Qiraji Guardian
48.0 Mark of Fordring
46.5 Pendant of Celerity
42.0 Choker of the Shifting Sands
39.3 Skibi's Pendant
39.0 Beads of Ogre Might
33.6 Pendant of the Shifting Sands
33.3 Woven Ivy Necklace
32.4 Conqueror's Medallion
32.0 Imperial Jewel
31.5 Scout's Medallion
31.5 Evil Eye Pendant
31.5 Sentinel's Medallion
30.0 Will of the Martyr
29.4 Master Dragonslayer's Medallion
27.3 Blazefury Medallion
27.3 Talisman of Evasion
25.2 Sunprism Pendant
24.0 Dragonheart Necklace
24.0 Amulet of Foul Warding
21.6 Medallion of Steadfast Might
20.4 Ethereal Talisman
20.0 Abyssal War Beads

101.4 Mantle of Wicked Revenge
78.9 Chitinous Shoulderguards
73.5 Abyssal Leather Shoulders
67.8 Defiler's Leather Shoulders
67.8 Highlander's Leather Shoulders
65.4 Genesis Shoulderpads
63.0 Field Marshal's Dragonhide Spaulders
63.0 Warlord's Dragonhide Epaulets
62.1 Dark Warder's Pauldrons
55.2 Defiler's Lizardhide Shoulders
55.2 Highlander's Lizardhide Shoulders
54.0 Flamescarred Shoulders
54.0 Clouddrift Mantle
54.0 Truestrike Shoulders
48.3 Wyrmtongue Shoulders
46.2 Shadowcraft Spaulders
46.2 Spaulders of the Unseen
46.0 Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads
45.0 Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Epaulets
45.0 Champion's Dragonhide Spaulders
45.0 Death's Clutch
45.0 Failed Flying Experiment
37.8 Shadowskin Spaulders
35.7 Duskwing Mantle
33.6 Phytoskin Spaulders

81.0 Cloak of the Fallen God
75.0 Cloak of Concentrated Hatred
72.0 Cloak of Draconic Might
55.0 Puissant Cape
52.2 Cloak of the Golden Hive
51.5 Cape of the Black Baron
50.7 Windshear Cape
50.0 Cloak of Firemaw
46.5 Earthweave Cloak
46.2 Cloak of the Shrouded Mists
45.6 Cloak of Unending Life
44.5 Deathguard's Cloak
44.5 Cloak of the Honor Guard
43.8 Blackveil Cape
43.8 Blackveil Cape
42.3 Zulian Tigerhide Cloak
40.8 Shroud of Domination
35.7 Shifting Cloak
35.7 Shadow Prowler's Cloak
33.6 Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape
31.5 Dark Phantom Cape
31.5 Blisterbane Wrap
31.2 Shadewood Cloak
30.6 Dark Hooded Cape
28.8 Sandstorm Cloak
28.8 Phantasmal Cloak
28.8 Sandstorm Cloak
26.1 Pridelord Cape
25.2 Blackmetal Cape
25.2 Blackflame Cape
24.0 Stormpike Soldier's Cloak
24.0 Frostwolf Legionnaire's Cloak
23.1 Serpentskin Cloak
23.1 Deep River Cloak
23.1 Warstrike Cape
21.6 Dragon's Blood Cape

140.0 Ghoul Skin Tunic
136.5 Vest of Swift Execution
111.4 Field Marshal's Dragonhide Breastplate
111.4 Warlord's Dragonhide Hauberk
96.0 Cadaverous Armor
96.0 Malfurion's Blessed Bulwark
82.2 Primal Batskin Jerkin
80.1 Thick Silithid Chestguard
78.4 Genesis Vest
75.2 Breastplate of Bloodthirst
74.4 Grizzled Pelt
72.1 Knight-Captain's Dragonhide Tunic
72.1 Legionnaire's Dragonhide Breastplate
68.0 Tombstone Breastplate
66.3 Mixologist's Tunic
62.4 Traphook Jerkin
60.5 Nightbrace Tunic
59.1 Quillward Harness
58.5 Songbird Blouse
57.3 Feralheart Vest
55.5 Blazewind Breastplate
54.6 Shadowcraft Tunic
52.5 Fungus Shroud Armor
52.5 Wicked Leather Armor
50.4 Pridelord Armor
44.0 Stormshroud Armor
42.0 Hyena Hide Jerkin
40.8 Blood Tiger Breastplate
33.6 Charred Leather Tunic

84.6 Qiraji Execution Bracers
66.3 Forest Stalker's Bracers
57.6 Wristguards of Stability
55.5 Scaled Bracers of the Gorger
55.5 Bracers of Subterfuge
49.5 Abyssal Leather Bracers of Striking
45.0 Bracers of the Eclipse
44.4 Primal Batskin Bracers
42.6 Wristguards of Renown
41.1 Deepfury Bracers
33.6 Yeti Hide Bracers
33.0 Pridelord Bands
32.0 Dragonspur Wraps
31.5 Shadowcraft Bracers
27.0 Blackmist Armguards
27.0 Feralheart Bracers
23.1 Wicked Leather Bracers

124.2 Gloves of Enforcement
87.9 General's Dragonhide Gloves
87.9 Marshal's Dragonhide Gauntlets
87.3 Gloves of the Hidden Temple
71.4 Doomhide Gauntlets
59.7 Bile-Covered Gauntlets
58.0 Shadow Panther Hide Gloves
58.0 Aged Core Leather Gloves
57.9 Toughened Silithid Hide Gloves
56.5 Gargoyle Slashers
56.4 Gloves of the Pathfinder
56.0 Blooddrenched Grips
55.2 Timbermaw Brawlers
54.0 Nightfall Gloves
54.0 Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Gloves
54.0 Blood Guard's Dragonhide Gauntlets
51.0 Primal Batskin Gloves
51.0 Shadowcraft Gloves
50.0 Devilsaur Gauntlets
49.5 Serpentskin Gloves
47.4 Abyssal Leather Gloves of Striking
46.5 Blight Leather Gloves
45.0 Heraldic Gloves
44.0 Cadaverous Gloves
42.9 Feralheart Gloves
42.9 Jangdor's Handcrafted Gloves
42.9 Pratt's Handcrafted Gloves
42.0 Pridelord Gloves
40.5 Imperial Leather Gloves
40.0 Skul's Fingerbone Claws
37.0 Stormshroud Gloves
36.0 Swine Fists
33.6 Quickdraw Gloves

101.0 Belt of Never-ending Agony
80.1 Belt of Preserved Heads
65.1 Cloudrunner Girdle
60.0 Taut Dragonhide Belt
59.7 Thick Qirajihide Belt
58.8 Molten Belt
56.0 Highlander's Leather Girdle
56.0 Defiler's Leather Girdle
52.8 Shadow Panther Hide Belt
51.0 Shadowcraft Belt
51.0 Serpentine Sash
50.4 Might of the Timbermaw
49.5 Abyssal Leather Belt of Striking
49.2 Girdle of Beastial Fury
47.4 Frostwolf Leather Belt
47.4 Stormpike Leather Girdle
46.2 Belt of the Trickster
43.6 Vosh'gajin's Strand
43.5 Frostbite Girdle
40.5 Ogron's Sash
40.0 Cadaverous Belt
36.0 Sagebrush Girdle
34.8 Pridelord Girdle
33.6 Vinehedge Cinch
31.2 Tharg's Shoelace
30.6 Scorpashi Sash
29.1 Feralheart Belt

145.1 Leggings of the Apocalypse
117.4 Marshal's Dragonhide Legguards
117.4 General's Dragonhide Leggings
92.0 Dark Heart Pants
89.5 Abyssal Leather Leggings of Striking
81.3 Shadowcraft Pants
80.8 Outrider's Leather Pants
80.8 Sentinel's Leather Pants
78.0 Plaguehound Leggings
76.5 Traveler's Leggings
76.0 Genesis Trousers
73.8 Outrider's Lizardhide Pants
73.8 Sentinel's Lizardhide Pants
73.5 Blooddrenched Leggings
72.0 Legionnaire's Dragonhide Trousers
72.0 Knight-Captain's Dragonhide Leggings
68.0 Devilsaur Leggings
67.5 Gryphon Rider's Leggings
67.2 Warbear Woolies
64.8 Serpentskin Leggings
58.8 Feralheart Kilt
56.4 Wildheart Kilt
55.5 Pridelord Pants
52.0 Cadaverous Leggings
47.5 Blademaster Leggings
45.0 Triprunner Dungarees
44.1 Basilisk Hide Pants
44.0 Stormshroud Pants
42.0 Wicked Leather Pants
39.9 Keeper's Woolies
38.4 Ferine Leggings
33.6 Nightscape Pants
30.9 Leggings of the Fang

99.0 Boots of the Vanguard
74.0 Boots of the Shadow Flame
66.9 Drudge Boots
66.3 Marshal's Dragonhide Boots
66.3 General's Dragonhide Boots
59.7 Hive Tunneler's Boots
59.1 Blooddrenched Footpads
58.5 Boots of Ferocity
56.1 Genesis Boots
53.7 Swiftwalker Boots
50.1 Sandstalker Ankleguards
49.8 Swiftfoot Treads
48.3 Mongoose Boots
47.4 Abyssal Leather Boots of Striking
47.1 Shadefiend Boots
44.1 Shadowcraft Boots
43.5 Feralheart Boots
42.0 Albino Crocscale Boots
41.2 Highlander's Leather Boots
41.2 Defiler's Leather Boots
40.0 Pads of the Dread Wolf
39.3 Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Footwraps
39.3 Blood Guard's Dragonhide Boots
37.8 Whisperwalk Boots
37.8 Serpentskin Boots
35.7 Traveler's Boots
35.7 Excelsior Boots
35.1 Imperial Leather Boots
32.8 Highlander's Lizardhide Boots
32.8 Defiler's Lizardhide Boots

75.0 Circle of Applied Force
71.0 Might of Cenarius
65.4 Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
64.0 Quick Strike Ring
63.6 Band of Accuria
63.0 Master Dragonslayer's Ring
62.0 Ring of the Qiraji Fury
56.7 Ring of the Godslayer
53.0 Don Julio's Band
51.9 Protector's Band
51.9 Legionnaire's Band
51.4 Band of Earthen Might
46.5 Tarnished Elven Ring
45.0 Ring of Fury
45.0 Band of Unending Life
44.4 Band of Jin
44.1 Ring of the Unliving
42.0 Magma Forged Band
42.0 Band of the Cultist
42.0 Seal of Jin
40.0 Seal of the Gurubashi Berserker
38.7 Myrmidon's Signet
38.1 Overlord's Crimson Band
36.4 Magni's Will
33.6 Band of Vigor
33.6 Band of the Ogre King
31.5 Innervating Band
31.2 Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
29.4 Archimtiros' Ring of Reckoning
28.5 Ironspine's Eye
27.3 Masons Fraternity Ring
26.4 Angelista's Touch
26.1 Falcon's Hook
25.8 Ring of the Underwood
25.5 Thunderbrow Ring
25.2 Ring of Emperor Vek'lor

420.0 Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian
305.0 The End of Dreams
304.0 Blessed Qiraji War Hammer
185.2 Hammer of Bestial Fury
176.3 Mace of Unending Life
108.8 Draconic Maul
98.4 Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator
94.0 Bonecrusher
89.6 The Unstoppable Force
84.4 High Warlord's Pulverizer
84.4 Grand Marshal's Battle Hammer
82.4 Crystal Spiked Maul
74.4 Herald of Woe
73.8 Skullcracking Mace
69.6 Fist of Omokk
69.6 Slavedriver's Cane
67.8 Doomulus Prime
59.0 Impervious Giant
56.0 The Rockpounder
55.2 Bonechewer
48.9 Manual Crowd Pummeler
48.0 Blanchard's Stout
48.0 Thornstone Sledgehammer
43.2 The Pacifier
42.2 Viscous Hammer
38.4 Hammer of Ji'zhi

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« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2014, 01:04:08 am »

Big +1 for this one. Smiley

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« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2014, 09:47:13 pm »

Thank you. Unfortunately Im missing trinkets. Im thinking Darkmoon Card and Heart of Wyrmthalak may be BiS but Im not at all sure.

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« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2014, 05:37:21 am »

You seem to have missed Blackstone Ring
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« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2014, 10:27:23 am »

blackstone ring is only 20 attackpower, thus it doesnt get a lot of DPS point. This is not my list however, just found it and copied it here for keepsakes.

In regards to hit, one should ofc try to mix their gear so they have 8% hit, but I dont think that this list accounts for hit.

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« Reply #5 on: April 20, 2014, 02:26:56 pm »

very useful gj

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« Reply #6 on: April 20, 2014, 03:44:00 pm »

Gj for pointing this out, I'd like to know how these were tested, as some seem quite illogical :/
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« Reply #7 on: May 18, 2014, 12:21:10 pm »

I dont know how they were tested, I just found it and posted it for keepsakes. I do have some problems with it myself, but I think it's because (looks like it atleast) it doesnt value hit.

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« Reply #8 on: May 19, 2014, 04:04:55 pm »

I don't get it. I doubt Southwind Helm will increase your dps by 115,8...
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« Reply #9 on: May 19, 2014, 04:16:47 pm »

that should be the dps increase of each item on a naked druid,however still havent seen feral dps around on VG. My prediction 400 ish dps average = useless.
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« Reply #10 on: May 19, 2014, 06:04:43 pm »

Pretty good example of feral dps if you ask me.

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« Reply #11 on: May 19, 2014, 06:14:55 pm »

Pretty good example of feral dps if you ask me.

Every 30 seconds he will give everyone in the raid either a positive or a negative charge (even distribution of charges), which appear as debuffs. Every 5 seconds charged players will deal 2000 nature damage to all opposite-charged players within 10 yards. Additionally, the debuff will grant a 10% damage bonus to all same-charged players also within 10 yards. Hence, the raid will want to cluster up in 2 or more positions.

And the druid on the video has 14 stacks of this debuff.
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« Reply #12 on: May 19, 2014, 06:35:36 pm »

Ah sorry I'm currently browsing videos on an iphone and didn't notice the stacks haha. I will see if I can see a more viable example.

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« Reply #13 on: May 19, 2014, 08:49:37 pm »

akum = worthless

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« Reply #14 on: January 16, 2015, 07:52:55 pm »

Ok, so, not surprisingly this list leaves out one of the best (probably the best hands down, no questions) helms for druids in the game. For both PvE and PvP, really great for both. It is little known about and utilized correctly, furthermore because power shifting seems to be a lost art among Ferals it is even more forgot about, which is what it is used for. Without powershifting there is no reason to use it. But if you understand how to powershift and can do it correctly (really not hard at all) you can output much more DPS than you would without it. And I am just talking about Cat powershifting, which you wouldn't use Bear in raids for DPS, but for Bear PvP it is really sweet too.

For the longest time I thought it was too much of a stat hit to justify using it, but it really isn't if you understand what it gives you the ability to do and the DPS increase that comes along with it. That being said, you should really try to be as optimally geared as possible in the other slots if you are gonna use it, because stats (str/agl/AP) are everything to the Cat druid.

It is relatively easy to get given that it is a Level 40 item, and it is a craftable LW item. The http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=8368 is the only thing that is somewhat tricky to get (not really if you know what you are doing). You can find them on the AH every now and then. The best drop for them that is a normal zone mob are Diseased Wolves in Western Plaguelands to the north of Andorhal.

Wolfshead Helm

Furthermore, this helm, if you are going to use it like it is intended, requires (IMO) you to be specced into 3/3 Natural Shapeshifter in the Balance tree since you will be shifting constantly and the mana cost without that talent is just way too high for sustained periods of powershifting.

The helm also goes hand in hand with http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=19340. Definitely use the Rune if you got it with this head piece. The optimal time to use the Rune in a raiding situation is when you are completely OOM, and blown all mana cons CDs, IF YOU ARE ABLE (emphasis on IF) to cast Innervate on yourself, cast it and then pop the Rune to take advantage of the mana loss and let Innervate take you back up while the Rune is up. This will sustain the powershifting routine for as long as you possibly can, maybe even until you can get to another mana consumable CD.

Back when I raided, I could easily sustain 500-600 DPS and reach around 750 DPS for periods.

Powershifting, the ghetto adrenaline rush.
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