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Author Topic: Live Update 2013-10-08  (Read 23826 times)
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« on: October 08, 2013, 02:25:53 am »

Specific mobs:
- Tortured Druids use their abilities now as intended
- the Festival Loremaster in SW is now only appearing during the Lunar Festival
- fixed an odd Stormwind City Guard patrol path, which made it partly fly over the ground
- Archmage Tarsis Kir-Moldir sits on the ground now (Naxxramas)
- fixed respawn time of Vyral the Vile: Now respawning every 10 minutes (Silithus)
- corrected Scout Manslayer's movement speed: Now moves significantly slower and added her the intended abilities(OG)
- also gave all other Orgrimmar Scouts their abilities
- fixed Rend Blackhand's attack animation
- fixed size of Greater Duskbat lol  
- corrected movement speed of Guard Fengus (DM North), Prince Tortheldrin (DM), Immol'thar (DM), Royal Dreadguards (UC), Blackhand Dreadweavers (UBRS), Blackhand Summoners (UBRS), Blackhand Veterans (UBRS), Blackhand Dragon Handler (UBRS), Blackhand Iron Guard (UBRS)
- decreased speed of Undercity Guardian to blizzlike value
- the small guard in Elwynn Forest, that is on the path between Goldshire and Stormwind, will now actually patrol
- Fixed Doom'rel's, Lord Valthalak's and Kirintos the Herals loot-table: Now dropping signifficantly less items
- despawned prespawned D2 boss "Isalien" in DM, since the summoning works now
- fixed size of Huum Wildmane: Now as big as a tauran should be (Cenarion Hold)
- removed loot table from Core Hound adds near Magmadar (Molten Core)
- nerfed loot table from Flame Imps: Now dropping Dark Iron Ore in the intended manner
- gave the last Tryrant Devilsaur his path (Un'Goro Crater)
- gave Brumeran it's  path (Winterspring)
- fixed Commander Aggro'gosh bugging out of the world
- King Bangalash moves around more vivid now
- double spawned Reginald Windsor got removed
*Thunderaan is now scripted (xcept aggro reset for those inflicted by Tendrils of air, needs spell scriptin)
*Fixed an issue when Thunderaan followed his knockbacked target into the air.
*Also added his NR immunity.
*Fixed Immunities of Thunderaan
- fixed Scarshield Quartermaster respawntime (BRM)
- dangerous demons now roam around the Dark Portal (Blasted Lands)
- Arakis, Aluntir and Xil'xix are transitionally prespawned (Silithus)
- spawned Mor'Ladim (Duskwood)
*All Elementals are now immune to Bleeding
*Added High Overlord Saurfang's ablities. Also added his quote and emote upon killing a player.
*Lord Kazzak now wields his weapon and has his correct path set.
*Added Highlord Bolvar Fordragon's abilities.
*Added Lady Sylvanas Windrunner's abilities.
*Added Varimathras most of his intended abilities.
*Added Tyrande Whisperwind's abilities.
*Correct Omen's HP to 1.12.1 values and added him his ability Cleave.
*The following creatures have their path set:
- Defias Messenger (Westfall)
*Fixed size of Mangy Duskbat lol
*The Blacksmith "Magnus Frostwake" will also offer his repair-services. (Caer Darrow, near Scholomance)
*corrected some drop chances of Lord Kazzak (Blasted Lands - World Boss): Now dropping 3 items more often (e.g. Eye of Shadow now with 100%)
*fixed armor. immunities and resistances of Teremus the Devourer (Blasted Lands - World Boss)
*Suffering Highborne is now immune against arcane magic (Winterspring)
*Malfurion Stormrage is now a "Level ?? - Boss"
*added the 2 items "Rune of Perfection" to the Horde WSG-Quartermaster
*removed another "Krinkle Goodsteel" double spawn
*Certain mobs have had their holy resistance removed
*Cauldron Lord Malvinious is now spawned
Instance Scarlet Monestary:
*All scarlet foes in the Crusader's Chapel are now bosslinked to the Scarlet Commander Mograine. (Scarlet Monestery)
Adventurers will need to actually defeat them now - if they don't want them to be added during the encounter.
*Henry stern now teaches Goldthorn tea as supposed
*Spawned Wirling Maelstrom in Azshara - Bay of Storms
*Despawned the Azshara summonable worldboss "Maws", because the summoning near the "Swirling Maelstrom" works
*Maws is now an actual challange, because he uses all of his intended abilities
*Frostsaber Stalkers are now stealthed
*Solenor's head is now only dropping to hunters on the appropriate quest
*the vendor Vi'el has no proper timers set for his rare vendored items reappearing (Winterspring)
*Verdantine creatures near Seradane (Hinterlands) have their armor set now
*Anachronos is no longer killable by players, as he now despawns properly on 20%

Instance Dire Maul:
- fixed Gordok Courtyard Door: Now requires the correct key
- Ironbark the Redeemed is now frienldy (DM)
- Tendris Warpwood adds were corrected and bosslinked to him
Also fixed mob placements in the tunnels towards King Gordok.
*The following creatures have their path set:
- Pusillin (Dire Maul)
*King Gordok and his mage are now immune to CC / stun, still slowable tho
*Captain Kromcrush has his immunities set now. (Dire Maul North)

Instance Blackrock Depths:
- fixed Ironhand Guardians together with Zeard. They now inflict damage but won't engage players into combat correctly (BRD, at Magmus)
- fixed the door key-requirement of the Lyceum Door: Now requiring "The Shadowforge Key" (BRD)
*Lord Incedius now has his immunities set
- spawned Panzor the Invincible (BRD)
*Emperor Dagran Thaurissan will now properly call for aid and engage all the mobs in his room, which were skipped by adventurers. (BRD)
*Also updated the equipment for Anvilrage Wardens: Their equipment is now shown correctly.

Instance Blackrock Spire:
- fixed Dark Iron Braziers: No longer targetable (UBRS)
- Lord Valthalak will now really use his Shadowbolt AOE at 15%. And he will no longer spam that AOE right after engaging him a second time
*Scarshield portal is now level 60 so mobs will spawn
*The Beast now casts charge on initial aggro
- removed prespawned Finkle Einhorn in UBRS, because he spawns on The Beast's defeat
- Zeard scripted the close 3 mobs to be the The Beast's victims, they now die within the event (UBRS)
- moved the Scarshield Inflitrator into blizzlike position (LBRS), a few meters to the right
- adjusted Spire Scorpid's and Scarab's respawntime, now a group can get through there more easily  (LBRS)
*Fixed movement speed of some creatures in LBRS and in the world. Now moving with correct speed. (slower)
*Corrected a bug with Ghok Bashguud's loottable (LBRS):
The items from him have now the correct chance to drop.
*Fixed issue with Pyroguard Emberseer event not starting properly sometimes.
*fixed Lord Valthalak's armor value
*Made significant improvements for Mor Grayhoof (LBRS - D2 summonable boss): Now an actual challange
- due to 17 added abilities - including his shapeshifting into bear, cat, and dragon
- hostile reaction
- and wielding his 2h weapon
*chained some more mob groups in UBRS
*significantly decreased the movement speed of all Rage Talon dragons in UBRS
*fixed level and stats of the Shadow Hunter boss in LBRS
*fixed Spirestone Battlelord's position in LBRS
*fixed position and equipment of Spirestone Lord Magus

Instance Scholomance:
- Plagued Hatchlings move around now (Scholo)
- Illusion of Jandice Barov dmg was nerfed, additionaly she wields the intended weapon now (Scholo)
- chained groups of students in the Viewing Room, chained the 2 bosses, bosslinked all groups towards the 2 bosses. Warning, you can no longer solopull the 2 bosses: The other one will also get hostile if you attempt to kill one of them. (Scholomance)
- Darkmaster Gandling wields his weapon now (the epic staff he can drop)
- Fixed 2 issues with the "Scholomance Dark Summoner": Now summons only one skelettal servant, instead of infinite. And the quotes are spoken out of combat.
- the undead adds of two additional Scholo-Miniboss wander aimlessly around now
- Suppression traps now has 3 sec delay after popping up, allowing quick disarming
*Purged all bugs in Darkmaster Gandling's loot-table: Now drops everything with the correct chance, including the epic 2h-staff "Headmaster's Charge

Instance AQ20:
- Anubisath Guardians have their immunities set now (AQ20)
- fixed size and speed of Anubisath Swarmguards (AQ20)
- fixed size of the critter "Beetle" and removed his mana
- fixed the armor of "Kaldrei Elite", no longer has zero. They also wield their weapons now. (AQ20)
- Buru uses the correct Throns ability now
- Hive'Zara Hornet is now correctly marked as an Elite (think on deleting your WDB folder)
- chained Kaldorei Elites And Lieutenant General Andorov (AQ20)
*All Obsidian creatures have now properly set their base mana to zero. Including Moam and other trash mobs.
*The friendly NPC's of the Rajaxx event in AQ20 are now healable.
- Thanks to Zeard for the hint how to fix this!
*Fixed and cleaned up the different resistances of Ossirian the Unscarred (AQ20):
 - now properly resistant against the arcane school of magic
 - now properly free of resistance against the holy school of magic

Instance Ahn’ Qiraji40:
- repositioned the 3 dragon NPCs after Skeram into their blizzlike position (AQ40). Andorgos now also wields his magic orb lol
- decreased “Fankriss the Unyielding”’s damage (AQ40)
- Battleguard Sartura patrols now in circles - even if adventurers didn't watch her
*Did workaround fix for vekniss soldiers debilirating charges slow debuff by using wing clip casted same time
*Fixed spell Debilitating Charge for Vekniss Soldier.
- C'Thun is now surrounded by his large black sphere (AQ40)
*All 5 Anubisath Defenders are now bosslinked to the Twin Emperors. (AQ40)
Adventurers will need to actually defeat them now - if they don't want them to be added during the encounter.
*Fixed the the hitbox-size of C'thun (phase #2) with the help of mighty Zeard! O,o
*All Obsidian creatures have now properly set their base mana to zero. Including Moam and other trash mobs.
*Adds of Fankriss are now immune to CC / Movement impairing effects except stun
*Emperor Vek'Lor will now spam use his Arcane Explosion spell, if a player is in range for that spell.
Though, there is a delay, so he won't use it directly after a teleport.
*Emperor Vek'Lor will cast his shadow bolt on his target in any case.
*Emperor Vek'Nilash is no longer immune against Holy Damage. thanks to Zeard
*Fixed some linking problems on bug trio where they wont respawn, they will now always respawn if wiping on any bug

Instance Molten Core:
*Son of Flame now has Lava Shield
*Fixed Vicious bite of Ancient core hound
*Flamewaker Elites are now casting fireball
*Baron Geddon is now significantly faster chasing through Molten Core - and even if he hasn't been spotted by adventurers before (credits to Zeard for that).
*Some Flame Imps in Molten Core will now respawn.

Instance Naxxramas:
- Deathknight Vindicators will wield their weapon
- Revomed mana from Poisonous Skitterer
- increased speed for Poisonous Skitterer
- removed mana from Cropse Scarabs
- despawned pre-spawned friendly placeholder Web Wraps at Maexxna
*Fixed size of Maexxna's hitbox.
*Crypt Guards will use the correct web spell in the future. (Naxxramas)

Instance Blackwing Lair:
*Players are now required to have the Blackwing Lair prequest completed in order to enter the instance through the Orb of Command - but players can still access BWL through UBRS without attunment
*fixed the Orb of Command together with Zeard, now 100% blizzlike
*Adventurers will no longer enter the Upper Blackrock Spire, when leaving Blackwing Lair.
If you leave BWL, you are correctly teleported in front of the LBRS instance portal.
- fixed path of Blackwing Taskmasters. One additional pack can now also be found on the upper level of the suppression room – also pathed.
- Blackwing Mages and Spellbinders will wield their weapon.
*Death talon overseers are now dragonkin, and immune to stun and snare effects
*Enraged felguards are now immune to stun and snare effects
- Suppression traps triggers no longer hits thier targets for 1 damage.
- Suppression traps now has 3 sec delay after popping up, allowing quick disarming
- Suppression traps will no longer get messed up when multiple players trying to disarm it at the same time
*Bone Contructs now have 7,200 HP as intended
*Increased Bone Construct's and Chromatic Drakonid's scale to blizzlike values. (At Nefarian)
*Corrupted Infernals now use their correct abilities. (They occur upon the Nefarian-warlock-classcall)
*Razorgore the Untamed has now the ability Fireball Volley - while being mind controlled through the orb.
*Blackwing Legionnaires now wield their weapon. (BWL) Also lowered their movement speed.
*Corrected immunities of Blackwing Spellbinder: Now immune against sleep and polymorph - but not immune against stun.
*fixed movement-speed of Master Elemental Shaper Krixix
*Made some equipment updates for creatures in Blackwing Lair:
most wield their correct weapon now.
*fixed Lord Victor Nefarius melee attack style: No longer 2h (Blackwing Lair)

*Fixed quest the pariahs instructions
*El Pollo grande now spawns in correct size after completing quest Kroshious infernal core
*Fix quest "The Shattered Salute"
*The repeatable quest "Encrypted twilight texts" will no longer give 500 reputation points with Cenarion Circle, but 250 instead.
*Warsong Gulch Mark repeatable q at Major cities no longer reward money like the first q
*The Red Scepter Shard will only drop off Nefarian, if a player is on the appropriate quest. This includes a 5 hour timer, after which the quest will be marked as "Failed".
*The Blue Scepter Shard will only drop off Maws, if a player is on the appropriate quest
*Haleh and Rexxar now give you a new drakefire amulet if youve lost it
*fixed timer for the quest "Freedom for all Creatures": Now 6 minutes.

VG Core:
*Pet ability Claw now has GCD, also rewritten the whole GCD system
*Players suffering from fear effects are no longer a valid main target for creatures
It is now the same as the disorientation mechanic.
*Fixed so Marks from battlegrounds now gets sent by mail if player has no space in inventory.
*Fixed some issues with pathfinding in water
*Rewritten movement generators for Confused and Fleeing movement.

Alterac Valley:
*Alterac Valley has recieved some updates:
- Frostwolf Shaman, Primalist Thurloga, Druid of the Grove, Arch Druid Renferal have their mana, armor and level set correctly now. They will also use their abilities!
- Removed the unintended quests:
"The Return of Korrak"
"The Legend of Korrak"
"The Human Condition"
"Ally of the Tauren"
"Favor Amongst the Darkspear"
-The Broken I.W.I.N. Button does drop now. If it only worked!
- Frostwolf Guardians have their gear equipped now and use Revenge!
-Drek'Thar has his 2 weapons equipped. Also fixed a bug, that let him not use his Whirlwind.
-Vanndar Stormpike now actually uses his ability Stormbolt and has his 2 weapons equipped.
-Frostwolf Legionnaire / Stormpike Defender / East Frostwolf Warmaster wield their gear now.
*Alterac Valley quest "Enemy Booty" is no longer repeatable. (Horde)

- Riding Turtle is now bound on pickup
- fixed HP of Rabbit, Roach, Rat, Deeprun Rat and Black Rat (critters)
- fixed damage of mobs listed here: http://vanillagaming.org/forum/index.php?topic=12187.msg93990#msg93990
- and here http://vanillagaming.org/forum/index.php?topic=12187.msg93875#msg93875
- corrected some weird player orientations, after zoning into and out of AQ20, AQ40, Scholomance, the Stormwind Wizard Sanctum & LBRS: This means that you will no longer look into a wrong direction - or maybe even making you zoning in again - and less headaches
- added Blue Dragonscale Leggins to the teacher "Peter Galen"
*Fixed Idol of the moon
*added missing recipes to Alliance dragonscale leatherworking trainer
*fixed vanity pet: "Captured Flame" does now spawn on use
*fixed size of the pet "Tranquil Mechanical Yeti": Now smaller
*corrected graveyards of Undercity, horde now ress up at Ruins of Lordearon and ally at brill
*Fixed Improved Curse Of Exhaustion
*Fixed Amplify curse for Curse Of Exhaustion
*The "Unforged Seal of Ascension" and the "Unfired Ancient Blade" are now limited in charges correctly - which means players won't be able to spam use them any longer.
*increased cooldown of  "Brazier of Invocation" and Mudskunk Lure to prevent multiple use
*Rewritten movement generators for Confused and Fleeing movement.

And last, but not least: http://vanillagaming.org/forum/index.php?topic=13106.msg101543#msg101543
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« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2013, 02:29:00 am »


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« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2013, 02:35:22 am »

amazing ! soo many fixes ! GJ
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Great work ! keep it up niqq

- Blondy

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GJ ... :-)

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gj, awsesom
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« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2013, 06:22:23 am »

Very nice! Largest fix ever, so far, afaik!
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« Reply #7 on: October 08, 2013, 06:32:23 am »

Incredible.! cheers man.

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The Poly/Fear/etc fix I was so happy about yesterday is not included?

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« Reply #9 on: October 08, 2013, 08:24:12 am »

The Poly/Fear/etc fix I was so happy about yesterday is not included?
should be part of the LU afaik Smiley
just forgot to add it to the super long wall of txt i suppose :S

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« Reply #10 on: October 08, 2013, 08:42:50 am »

nice one :-) especially the event :-)
« Reply #11 on: October 08, 2013, 08:44:05 am »

Nice job erga,cheers
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« Reply #12 on: October 08, 2013, 09:06:33 am »

Wow what an update, great job!
Have you guys considered looking into hunter pets?
Dunni if it was like that in retail, but you can outrun pet distance on foot/mount Smiley
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« Reply #13 on: October 08, 2013, 12:07:02 pm »

Sothos and Jarlen loot table in straholme?

Nice work tho! Love the excitement of a new live update!


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« Reply #14 on: October 08, 2013, 12:50:54 pm »


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