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Author Topic: Hearts GM application (copyed from prebound)  (Read 3737 times)
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« on: January 08, 2010, 07:23:06 pm »

Hey zeard, i made an apply on prebound, but you never read it, so here it is:

Q1. What is your main character's in-game name? heart.

Q2. What is your real name? My real name is Xoe

Q3. Where in the world are you located? I am located in the country called Denmark

Q4. What time zone are you located in? Paris time.

Q5. How old are you? I am 17 years old.

Q6. Have you played Retail and if so, for how long? Yes, 2 years.

Q7. What times exactly can you GM? (Be specific please : Days/Times etc) 14:00-20:00 Paris time.

Q8. How much time each day do you spend on WoW, on the forums or in-game? 5-6 Hours.

Q9. Have you had previous experience as a Game Master? And if so, on what server, and function? I've been gamemaster on alot of other servers like: wowbeez, thenorthrend, naxp. alot.

Q10. Tell us a little about yourself. I like to play wow, and sports, and i am a happy person, who hardly never gets angry, but i can still take this seriously.

Q11. Explain why you think you would be a good GM. i know the commands, i am active, and helpful

Q12. What interests you most about the GM position? Helping peolpe, i get this good feeling after a succesful advise or help.

Q13. What positive additions could you (or do you already) make to the server/Community? I make people happy, and stuff.

Q14. We require all GM's to act professional at all times, this includes proper spelling and grammar.
      [We will not accept you if you have a lack of proper spelling and grammar] Well. you can see that i do know how to spell, and i do know grammar.

Q15. If you were going to submit a suggestion for us, what would it be? never allow WOTLK mounts, spells, or anything get in a PRE-BC server.

Q16. Events can get out of control, how would you pull a situation under control if it went bad? Depends on what kind of event ( if you need more info, just PM with the event )

Q17. What do you think is the most important thing a GM can do? help people and never EVER ignore someone.

Q18. How good is your knowledge of the commands you have to use in World of Warcraft? I know them.

Q19. Do you know WHAT a gm does? Please explain. He/She help people, and make sure hackers/cheaters, will be punished.

Q20a. What will you do if a Player asked you for help? help the person ofcourse.

Q20b. And when you don't have time to help him? I always have to help people (mostly)

Q21. What can you do to help the server grow? Tell my friends to come play at this great server.

thats my application, hope you will pick me, and i know i haven't got 50 posts, it's because i have been active in-game, now that much on forums

hope you will pick me, or let me try and see if i am good enough for your server. <33 peace out
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You can have my heart always........for a price!
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« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2010, 07:23:47 pm »

and i haven't got 50 posts, because i just created my new account on new server

You can have my heart always........for a price!
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« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2010, 02:21:14 pm »

This looks like a good application, but I'm afraid untill we get a bigger population we don't need any extra GameMasters, your application will be kept for when we do need more.

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