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Title: Ticket rules
Post by: Royal13 on December 08, 2010, 04:47:39 pm
TIcket rules:

- If the ticket includes swear words or insulting, GameMasters have the right not to reply on that ticket.

- If the ticket consists of only "gm halp" or "i need gm help" it will not be answered.

- When you submit a ticket please be patient, and keep on mind that writing another ticket replaces the previous one. If you are waiting a bit longer on the ticket it means the GM has to check it further more, or it requires Zeard's assistance.

- In the ticket you need to explain what is the exact problem, if it's a quest write a quest name. Ticket which is not submitted on this way may not be answered.
Note: Bugs are not to be reported in the tickets, but on the forum. Bug reports in tickets wont be taken in consideration.