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Title: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on December 24, 2012, 05:05:44 pm
The following rules and regulations must be followed to insure fair gameplay. If any of these rules or regulations are broken, a punishment will follow accordingly.

Please consider that each issue is situational, these rules are basic guidelines of how things will be dealt with, at times exceptions or uncovered incidents will arise that will need to be taken care of, possibly differently from what is written here. As this small list of rules does not cover every possible or even the majority of things that a gm needs to deal with, things like that will be dealt with in a basic online gaming etiquette or accordingly in which case the issue will be passed through the whole staff and/or admins before taking action.

If you feel like staff member (GM for example) has treated you wrong, as in enforcing punishment when you haven't broken the rules, intentionally or unintentionally, or any other form of abuse of staff position contact Assistant Administrators or Zeard via PM, don't make a forum thread of it.

Do not use or abuse bugs

If you encounter a bug, always report this on our forums.
When you are not certain if something in particular is bugged or not, allowed or forbidden, always make a ticket or forum post about it before proceeding

Definition of bug abuse is taking intentionally advantage of a bug not present in blizzlike environment

Definition of bug use in general is performing an action which is in relation or dependant of a bug , advantage gained or not.

Players are never to use or abuse server sided issues/glitches. Exception applies to bugs that cannot be avoided in normal behaviour unless specifically forbidden.

Who is caught using server sided issues can count on penalties varying from warning to (temp.) suspension, depending on the gravity of the abuse.

First offense : Warning
Second offense : 5 day ban
Third offense : Permanent Ban

Do not hack or bot

VanillaGaming Pre-TBC server is a blizzlike server on which all staff members work hard to maintain a fair and authentcal gameplay for all members.

The use of 3rd party software/cheat engines designed to alter/cheat the blizzlike gameplay as intended is strictly forbidden, as:

       - is a danger to the servers performance and stability
       - endanger the Blizzlike identity of our community
       - is unfair to players who do play in a Blizzlike manner

If you do not like to play and level in a Blizzlike manner, we advise you to find your way to any funserver available.

Players who are caught using any kind of hack will be permanently removed from our community without any form of discussion. The ban is non-appealable.

First offense : Permanent Ban !

We do not support any kinds of hackers or cheaters, so they will be banned on the spot.

Do not advertise

It is not allowed to advertise any other (game) servers or community websites on VanillaGaming and VanillaGaming's periphery. "Periphery" includes any site that is originally adding to VanillaGamings' rich environment, content/sites created/founded by VanillaGaming players or similar.
You can use other designated websites for advertisements instead, e.g. ''.

First offense : Permanent Ban.

Chat & Forum

This is strictly forbidden and will lead to ban:

- Changing COLOR in ingame chat messages.
- Posting custom item links on general channels (world etc), considered colored text.
- Using GM tag ingame when you are not a member of the VanillaGaming Staff.
- Using light blue (blizzard) color on forum posts when you are not a member of the VanillaGaming Staff.
- Racism.
- Sexism.
- Offensive and overly explicit sexual content.
- Spam.
- Excessive use of capslock in the world chat is forbidden as it can be consider intentional and meaningless use of chat display space.
- Insulting donators for donating.
- Insulting Staff Members
- Continuously and / or solely without other content insulting & harassing other players
- Leaking personal information of staff members/players to public
- Stating false claims of / generally mocking staff members in relation to their staff position
- Speaking Foreign languages / race languages on world chat. World chat is a custom global chat feature on our server and so custom rules apply to it. English is the only language allowed to avoid flood with information accessible only by certain minority.

First offense : 5 hours mute
Second offense : 1 day ban
Third offense : 5 days ban
Fourth offense : Permanent Ban.

This rule will be enforced very stricly from now on, so watch out what are you saying on world chat.

About Multiboxing

We do not encourage multi-boxing, however, it is allowed for PvE only. Multi-boxing is having more than one client open and running on the same computer, regardless of whether the player uses special software to control them. Because of the hazard caused by free account creation, multi-boxers are NOT allowed to multibox in PVP situations.  Multi-boxers must never attack ordinary players with multiple toons, even if attacked first. Fighting back with one character like in normal situation is allowed.  The risk of being killed is a risk voluntarily assumed by the multi-boxer.
First offense : 5 days ban

Second offense : Permanent ban

About Mob tagging

We allow mob tagging.

General Behavior

- Please write only in English on world chat.
- We are a blizzlike server; we want to grant that expierience to all of our players. So play and behave within the blizzlike borders, please.

The community is an international one and we want every member to understand each other. If you wish to communicate in your own language, you are free to create your own channel.

Do not Flame

Respect other people and other people's opinions, even if that does not match your own standards or values.

World chat is not for flame. Take your arguments elsewhere, whether it be PMs or another channel.
Do not fight your (personal) fights out in public

If you have a problem or argument with someone, attempt to talk this out or solve in a private manner.


Always Follow Staff's instructions

The instructions of the Server Staff are to be followed at all times by every member who enters our gameserver

About tickets

Please search our forums before making an in game ticket about an issue. You can make tickets ingame, by clicking on the little red questionmark located at your standard actionbar.

Also, do not make bug reports in a ticket, bug reports should always be reported on our bug-report section of our forum.

If you make an in game ticket, please also add when you are generally online as GM's do not have the time to sit online and wait for you all day.

Tickets are not for:

       -  General game questions about quests or any in game functionallities
       -  Requests for (quest) items for events/quests that are not working

Never ask administrators or GM's to perform actions on you that do not match our blizzlike values.

Asking for level, gold or any other in game advantage over others will never be honored and is not appreciated.

All tickets that do not follow this rule and those tickets that are considered inappropriate will be ignored and deleted!

Honor Farming

- Honor farming is a bad thing as you all know. It was a permanent ban for one who did it, but we've decided (under a suggestion from a player) to be more easy on the guys who honor farm.

First Offense : Temporary Ban (1 - 5 days) and taking away all the honor from the character and the gear obtained from the abuse.
Second Offense : Permanent Ban

We think that taking the honor from your char is punishment enough to teach you guys no to repeat that again.

AFKing in battleground ( Honor Leeching ) is considered a part of honor farming as well. To prevent this, we added punishments to this.

First Offense : Kick from the server ( we do not know if you're here or not ) and a warning in your mailbox.
Second Offense : 1st offense from Honor Farming
Third Offense : 2nd offense from Honor Farming

Unauthorized trading

- We do not allow buying or selling virtual goods, e.g. items or gold, for real currency or advertising of such.
- Buying / Selling of any virtual goods saved on the VanillaGaming server is not allowed in this matter.

First Offense : Warning
Second Offense : 3 day ban
Third Offense : Permanent ban

Any sort of blackmarket activity leads to a permanent ban. This ban is non-appealable!

Trading/Selling/Sharing accounts

- We do not allow trading or selling accounts

Following punishments will be handed when caught advertising of such actions.

First Offense : Warning
Second Offense : 3 day ban
Third Offense : Permanent ban

If an account is found to be traded or sold first offence is permament ban.
Any blackmarket activity leads to a permanent ban.

We have zero support on shared accounts.

Ninja Looters

- We do not support the ninja looters. A special thread will be made for ninja looters. You will report them there with actual proof of it. We cannot take anything from them or punish them. Those people are part of the game as well, but making the post is punishment enough.


- We do NOT return lost honor.
- We DO return lost quest rewards.
- Lost / not obtainable virtual goods due to server sided bugged quests will get refunded, if possible , dependant on the quest and scenario.

Server crashes are not our fault and we will NOT assist with tickets made about server crashes and lost items / honor and etc. Those tickets will be ignored.

Sexual Content

- We do not support any sexual content added to the forums. We are a gaming community, and it doesn't have any place here. Any sexual content posted will be removed as soon as possible from now on.


- Using Proxy/VPN or any kind of tunneling tools is not allowed and will result in permanent ban

Forum Signatures

- Maximum allowed forum signature graphic size is 500x200 , forum suspension will be due if you fail to meet this limit.

Ban appeals

- Ban for hacking is non-appealable

- Ban for blackmarket activities are non-appealable

- Short term bans (1-5 days) are non-appealable

If you agree with the rules noted above, you are free to create an account by clicking the button below:

( (

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Ergamemnon on August 10, 2014, 11:23:39 am
Updated some parts, it's worth checking everything! Thanks also for the feedback in this thread:

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on August 18, 2014, 02:32:31 pm
Rules updated, specified the possibility of more open interpretation when required.

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on October 19, 2014, 02:46:11 am
clarified the rule on multiboxing

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on November 17, 2014, 03:02:36 am
updated chat rules, specified english on world chat rule due to faction chat changes

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on December 07, 2014, 04:13:11 am
further explained the definition of bug abuse for some people who do not understand it within those 2 words

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on February 05, 2015, 01:33:47 pm
updated chat rules about sexism and sexual content

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Cozmos on February 25, 2015, 01:40:39 am
Clarified rule on multi-boxing.

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on August 22, 2015, 12:02:17 pm
updated rule on lost quest items

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on August 27, 2015, 11:59:46 am
updated rule on forum signature graphic size

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on September 12, 2015, 11:48:11 am
updated rule on multiboxing, players are allowed to fight back with one character like in normal pvp situation. Engaging in pvp, in terms of support or damage with multiple toons simultaneously is forbidden.

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on September 13, 2015, 08:59:03 pm
added some ban appeal guidelines here also

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on September 27, 2015, 04:56:35 pm
Custom item links in world chat can be considered colored text, clarified to be forbidden

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on October 03, 2015, 01:08:32 am
updated chat rules section concerning execessive capslock use

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on October 19, 2015, 01:58:50 pm
As clarification; jumping over AB fence now applies to the bug abuse rule , even though in the past it has not been enforced as such offense if you stay within the proximity of the gate, but sometimes upon investigating such cases confusion and misunderstanding due to this policy may arise and thereby person is not allowed to jump over it at all from now on.

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Ergamemnon on December 29, 2015, 03:49:30 pm
Updated the passage about "Unauthorized trading" for clarification reasons.

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Ergamemnon on August 29, 2016, 08:59:46 pm
Specified and clarified blackmarket activity punishment.

edit: updated

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Bemidji on January 28, 2017, 03:56:23 am
Edited Third Offense Typo.

Title: Re: Forum and Game Rules
Post by: Sins on January 10, 2019, 01:09:48 am
specified rule on exceptions to written rules and punishments (red text) to include that all such decision will be passed through whole staff in team discussion and/or admins before taking action